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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Those were the days...

Oh my god.. Spent my whole day, ok ok.. make that whole afternoon and nite at the office studying.. all the insurance terms are making me dizzy.. My test is in the morning thus i dont dare to sleep now.. Since i need to wake up by 6am.. AHHHH...

Dropped by NYP this morning cos i left my calculator in my locker.. Ended up the calculator battery run out already.. haha... waste my time.. I bought another calculator at the school bookshop.. Ate MacDonald meal since it is cheaper in school.. Not sure whether it is because of i am still sick, or the quality of the Mac food has dropped or my taste had changed, i cant even finish the meal.. Had to literally force the food down my throat.. Yucks

As i was leaving the school atrium, i noticed that the school management had finally inserted some panels by the sides of the atrium to prevent the rain from flooding the atrium floor.. My first thought was "FINALLY".. I wondered how they had decided to do this only after i had graduated.. What made them finally decided to squeeze the money out to do it? Not sure but it sure is a benefit to the cleaners the most.. They dont need to mop the floor everytime it rains liao..

I wondered if my school, the business section, had also did this or not... Cos everytime it rain, we will have flooded corriders and staircases... Very irritating to always ended up with wet pant legs or taking caution when climbing the staircases.. Haha, it's fun to recall those days.. When you had to rush by the corridors as the rain will still make you wet by drizzling through the sides.. Or the auntie cleaners, who always scold the stupid designer for adding on to their workloads as they mopped the floors.. haha... Ya.. those were the days..


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