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Friday, July 01, 2005

3 movies in a go...

Thank goddess the friend i meet today is really Valerie.. Haha.. and i just know that she got a blog and she read my yesterday's post.. Opps..How did she even has this address? Oh yeah, friendster!! Sianz.. Haha.. Sorry Valerie, my fault.. but i did guess correctly that it is YOU.. haha

Anyway, saw Malcolm again at Jurong Point.. His company moved the roadshow to there.. I think i see him till i dont want to see liao.. (actually only saw twice lah) I think he will like working at JP since Audrey stayed Jurong West mah and they can meet each other easier..

Realised i forgot about Val's birthday last week so i bought her something today.. We went to Life bookshop cos i wanted her to help me pick a present for my friend.. During the process, she saw some books she liked too so i just took one and bought it for her, along with a bookmark.. heehee... She was like thanking and thanking me, and i only got two words for her then.."Shut Up".. haha.. Rude hor.. No lah, cos movie is starting mah...

Btw, i saw the trailer for "Harry Potter 4" today.. not much different from the one on the web.. think it is a teaser trailer.. i hope there will be a better one.. :p Also saw the trailers for "The Island", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Wedding Crushers".. All looked quite good.. I want to watch!!!

On my way home, i went to Popular Cd Rama to buy the cds i reserved cos the renovation is next week so must clear the stocks liao.. Spent a freaking $182 on the cds and vcds.. OMG.. I am siao liao.. I think i will die a pauper.. Confirmed one.. Still got some reserved books to buy.. sob sob..

Anyway, i watched 3 movies in the past 24 hours.. Let me reflect on what i thought of them..

1. Constantine (DVD)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Basically, i am completely wowed over by the effects in the movie.. The storyline is interesting.. Although i didnt quite catch it in the first few scenes, like not understanding what is going on.. And I found a new celebrity crush.. Keanu Reeves!! He is soooo cool in the movie.. And i enjoy watching everything, from the humor (yes, there is humor..you know) to the horror..

I like the last 2 scenes the most.. The one where he stood on the roof and he ate chewing gum with the lines, "I have to die twice to understand that God has a plan for everyone (not the exact words cos i cant recall..hee)". So true.. everyone has a plan by Him and let's just learn to accept it. I also like the last scene, shown after the credits where the apprentice who was killed reappeared with wings and flew to heaven... I predict there will be a sequel to this movie and i can only hope it is just as good..

Oh ya.. there is an actress that i really pity cos her scenes were all deleted out..She should have like 2 to 3 scenes with dialogue.. Ended up become only one scene.. not even scene, of showing her face once and she said "holy water?".. So ke lian.. Life is unfair..

2. A Lot Like Love (theatre)

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This was what Valerie and i watched today..Poor me had to pay half her tix.. haha.. plus i was really busy trying to finish the horrible box of popcorn i bought (which i literally finished.. alone)... Man, i'm going to be fat.. Back to the movie..

As FF and Ah 9 had said, it is a nice show that ppl can relate to as it is in our everyday lives.. I wasnt really touched till i cry lah cos i can somehow predict how it will end.. no need spoilers.. i closed one eye also can predict.. And that is so sianz...

3.Kungfu Hustle (VCD)

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The one mistake i make today is to watch this last.. After watching 2 good movies and doing comparsion, this movie turned out to be pretty lame for me.. It is not that it is bad or anything but i cant relate to the show.. I dont understand why there is this or that.. the way the plot went is so not logical.. At least, the previous Stephen Chow movie on kungfu soccer, i can still understand...

Overall, it is still okay.. a guranteed laughter film, that dont need you to think.. Good when you are stressed from all that thinking already.. And good for a gal and a guy who are not a couple to watch... cos you can just laugh and laugh..

I realised that recently most of the female bloggers i like to read are posting really serious and intelligent stuff, like Anna for example... I wish i am like them, having the ability to spout cleverness into the words they typed.. But then i think about it and i realised that the day i seemed to type serious posts means that i am either pissed off by someone or very very angry at something.. And that is bad. So i think i better save my strength and just type my simple thoughts out.. It is easier in this way too :p


  • Haha, I think you summed it up nicely in your last paragraph.

    You can still write something nice and so-called serious without having to get angry mah.

    For example, what kind of qualities you look for in a friend, or even a boyfriend.

    Not only that, you don't even have to write seriously to BE serious or realistic, because everything you write is just being yourself and that is serious enough for your fans.

    By Blogger BluishSky, at 10:28 AM  

  • hey i work in westmall too!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:37 AM  

  • blusihsky: Awww.. so sweet.. Thank you :)

    itdoesntcount: Ok this is freaking.. which store are you working? Op? sportslink? Spit..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 11:40 AM  

  • write for your own sake and use your own style...btw i find it relaxing to read your blog..

    By Blogger gracey, at 1:05 PM  

  • gracey: Thanks.. relaxing because of my crazy thoughts? haha..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 1:57 PM  

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