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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Nooch, BookFest and Marrybrown

I was having a tight schedule today cos meeting my friend for lunch and going to the bookfair..I was in a good mood today till i went on the train towards cityhall..

The selfish boy in red is so sickening.. there was an old lady in front of him and he never gave up the seat to her.. Nobody did.. I was staring at him, frowning at him for not giving up his seat and he pretended to sleep.. U sleep lah.. u sleep, i take ur pic and posted to the whole world to see.. Fucking bastard... i curse you to kenna failed your BOC in NS and forced to stayed back every weekend till you finished your two years...

Lucky the old lady managed to find a seat later.. And i saw an uncle giving up his seat to an old man.. I can see the uncle going through some mental torture before he finally gave up his seat.. Haha.. Actually, i regretted not telling the boy off.. I should have be like the gal in "My Sassy Girl", who scolded a teenager for not giving up his seat to an elderly.. But i have no guts.. Sighz..

Oh yeah, i saw another person who could have given the seat.. Being a parent, i think you can set up a good example to your kid by being more considerate.. Besides that, your kid is a brat who disturbs the peace in the train.. And i think him being overweight means he should stand up and get some exercise..

Actually, i understand the pains of standing throughout the train journey, especially for ladies in heel... But trust me, the happiness of helping someone will make the pain goes away.. You will be so happy that you reached your stop in no time. Just try it...

I reached Cityhall at 12.40pm.. waited for my friend, Alvin for a while.. After he arrived, we decided to eat at Nooch.. I recalled someone blogging before about the charging of service charge in Nooch when it was stated that there was no service charge.. So i specially checked whether there is such a line in the menu or not.. Ended up they had pasted a new sticker over it, stating that there would be service charge of 10%.. hahha..But i think the service sucked loh.. we took a long while to order the food cos we were chatting.. Then the waitress came to disturb us with a unhappy face.. This is the service we are getting for the service charge?!! We ordered our food and then continued to entertain each other.. Of cos, part of my self entertainment is to suan him of being old and fat.. lalalala.. Okay, here's some pics...

Nooch menu

Alvin's seafood fried rice

My chicken ramen

Iced teas.. Artistic shot hor..

Can anyone tell me what this jap vegetable is called ah... Is it seaweed? I dont know but nice to eat lah...

And i am very angry with the food due to the 豆芽 in the ramen.. in the first place, why were they even placed in the ramen? Then pls look at the pic...

The ends are not plucked off.. i think like this quite dirty loh.. Even the hawker stall i went to in Jurong East, served the 豆芽 dish with both ends plucked off.. And now, i considered Nooch a small restaurant and they served me this crap.. The thing is they dont just put a little, they put a bunch in the ramen loh.. everyway i bite got it.. sianz.. Dont think i want to go there again liao.. But really must thank Alvin for the treat.. haha..

After lunch, i took off alone to go to the BookFest 2006, organised by Popular..

I was wondering why there are so many malays around when i saw this...

No wonder there are so many ppl loh.. but quite weird to have a food fair in Suntec, then a Halal food fair in Expo.. Took me a while to walk to Hall 4, now then i realised Expo is quite big..

The BookFest 2006 is divided into a few sectors: Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore & Malaysia, China, Popular star buys and Pop Kids. I went to the Taiwan sector first...

Taiwan sector

Not much crowd in TW's sector

Then i moved on to the other sectors.. Each sector had this board thingy to separate themselves...

Meet Hueyling (WM Popular Manager) and Raymond (Operation Manager) at the fair.. Told Hueyling that i am planning to find a new job and she asked me to apply for English Retail Executive at West Mall store.. But i dont know a thing about English sector ah.. My forte had been music all along.. Haiz..

Browsed through all the sectors in 2.5 hours, then decided to go Changi Airport to eat dinner before coming back to buy the books.. Cos i am lazy to carry them around.. Ollie and Alvin told me about the Budget Terminal Preview for the public is on this week, thus i was intending to drop by.. But i reached at 6pm and the thing is closed liao.. Blur little me saw the timing on the board but it did not register in my brain till i was walking towards the shuttle bus interchange.. I think i looked like a mad gal walking to and fro the place.. heehee...

Wanted to watch the planes take off but it was too noisy in both the viewing galleries in terminal 1 & 2.. Dont know so many families like to come to the airport.. Ate my dinner at Marrybrown, which originated from Malaysia.. So far, i think in Singapore, only Changi Airport had the branch..

I bought the V6 set (S$6.95), consisting exactly what a 2 pieces KFC meal will be and changed my cole slaw to fries...
This is usually what i ate in KFC... I think this make it easier for me to compare between the two..

V6 chicken set

Fried chicken (one original, one Hotouch)

Basically, i found the original to be more crunchy than KFC one, but less juicy.. It was a bit cold by the time i ate it, maybe due to them cooking it early and it cooled down already.. The spicy piece, Hotouch, seemed to be seasoned with a unique spice, which leaves a taste at the back of your throat.. Probably more of Malay spices... To me, it's a bit spicy and bitter.. Maybe for those who enjoy eating spicy stuff, you will like it as the spices may be quite fragrant to you.. But for me, i will stick to my original from now on.. I also found the mashed potato to be different.. Maybe i am used to the KFC's mashed potato, which is smooth and buttery.. MB's mashed potato is more of the original taste, the really potato taste.. like what you will taste when you baked a potato at a bbq.. The gravy seemed to be a bit burnt to me, cos i can taste the burnt taste.. My tongue is very senstitive to burnt taste of the food...

cute cartoon

Got myself a $1/scoop ice cream for dessert.. The ice cream came with chocolate rice and peanut powder topping..

Went back to Expo at 8pm and decided to check out some of the other fairs.. There is Kiddyfest for kids, so i went in to kaypo...

Saw this booth where the kids can take a pic showing them inside a bubble.. Costed S$10/bubble pic..

1. Get kid ready in circle..

2. Prepare to make bubbles..

3. Kid inside bubble..

4. One more time...

I went back to buy the books that i had saw earlier.. One thing i dont like is that i had to pay for the books in each various sector.. Thus ended up i dont get to enjoy the 10% when you spent S$99 cos my purchases got divided up.. Could have pay 10 bucks less.. : (

Anyway, i spent S$162.54 in total and here's my purchases...

4 bags of books

My purchase in full..

the travel guides..

Buy 5 for S$10 so i bought 20.. i'm a sucker for romance novels..

Recipe books...

Help books..

I was so tired that i took a cab home.. costed me 18 bucks.. haiz.. I can chew on bread for the next 2 weeks liao.. No lah, kidding.. just that may not be going out on the last week.. And must eat in more often :p


  • well, this is part and parcel of taking a MRT train, cannot complain so much!

    NOOCH food tasted horrible, ate once and neber went back.

    seems that you're a book reader! buy so many!!

    remember, dont eat so many fried chicken!!

    By Blogger Leonard, at 2:23 AM  

  • leonard: Not happy mah..

    Yeah, if i can dont buy books, a lot of my money can be saved up.. and i cant stop eating chicken lah..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 2:29 AM  

  • * Whenever I am in the MRT (MTR if you are in HK), I make it a point to stand even when there are empty seats.

    Saves me the trouble of having to give up my seat when, like you said, everybody else is acting blur or feigning sleep.

    * Simi si BOC har?

    * Btw, that is not seaweed (nori - 海苔). The green thing in the spoon is sea kelp (kombu - 海带). Both are very good for the body.

    By Anonymous Don't Be A Princess And Eat Your TowGay!, at 9:25 AM  

  • really admired that you can spend so much in one day..;P

    By Blogger sOnG, at 10:21 AM  

  • you ever encounter situation that you want to give seat to eldering but they insisted they don't need? so embrassing you know ...

    anyway, sometimes people are so damn tired especially after work. and why you only pinpoint the guy only leh, don't like his face har? hahaha ...

    travel books can go library borrow mah? better don't go SUNTEC today otherwise will end of buying books :P

    By Anonymous slurp!, at 2:57 PM  

  • slurp! >
    If they don't accept, usually i scan around if there's anymore older folks in the cabin because they may not be aware of the available space. if the second person doesn't take up the offer, then i'll take it. these should be the things that you do unconsciously and not having to be torn about your decision. whether people are thankful for your action, its another separate matter altogether. you've done your part.

    its embarrassing only if you feel so.

    Why Suntec? The Popular bookfest is at Expo.

    By Anonymous kelawar, at 3:33 PM  

  • Hahahaha! Maybe you can vomit on his head you know. And hor, your this post got 1000 words or not. LOL.

    By Blogger Zhe Bin, at 4:36 PM  

  • WAH! You very lihai leh! I can never read chinese novels. I'm already damn slow at reading chinese newspapers. There was once when I was so into 环珠格格 that I forced myself to read the books. Nearly died. Hahahaha..

    By Anonymous ollie, at 6:29 PM  

  • hi kelawar,
    it's a situation whereby you are seated and you attempted to give your seat to the elderly. they shake their hand & say no need, I seat back of coz lah. really got to applaud you for 2nd "scanning" of opportunity to do your part. ;)

    so expo har ... sorry, cityhall and by default thought of SUNTEC loh :) lucky i didn't go anywhere today hahaha ...

    By Anonymous slurp!, at 10:38 PM  

  • j daddy: i will eat tow gay only if they plucked nice nice mah...

    haha.. i also try to stand more often unless there is really a lot of seats...

    Sorry, should be SOC.. heehee.. standard obstacle course..

    I know it is 海带 cos saw in those korean shows mah.. Dont know english called what mah.. heehee... Koreans always eat it for birthday and during pregnancy..

    song: Spend at a price loh...

    slurp!: I pinpoint him cos he is the youngest and able-bodied person along that row of seats...I dont think he is tired cos he seemed to be going out for fun.. Suntec only got foodfair lah..

    K laopa: Good one.. U are my role model..

    rubbish bin: U buy me liquor lah, i confirmed throw up.. I think got 1000 words bah but not those nice words leh...

    ollie: u makes me feel sad for the youngsters nowadays..

    slurp!: Everywhere is crowded during weekends..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 11:26 PM  

  • i've never eaten at Nooch.. the prices seem quite expensive for normal fare. How's it though other than the service?

    By Blogger kookabaru, at 12:50 AM  

  • Wow! so many books!! can start opening up ur own library liao...

    By Anonymous Chris, at 2:24 AM  

  • kookabaru: You got it right that it's damn exp for normal food.. I rather go food court to eat.. will be more worth it..

    chris: Hahaha.. yeah loh, i can go rent books liao..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 7:26 PM  


    By Blogger defy angel, at 11:43 PM  

  • Hahaha.. Kids nowadays? You arent much older than me lo.. :D

    By Anonymous ollie, at 12:33 AM  

  • defy angel: i actually like it.. cos crunchy mah.. but the ones at Nooch looked so dirty.. Hygiene problems for me...

    ollie: i feel old liao.. hahaha.. pls buy me some bird nest to 保养, ok?

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 8:03 AM  

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