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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Another Weekend GONE~~

Haha... I had wanted to post yesterday nite but is too tired after work (preparing for stock take, super lots of things to do)... Anyway, here's yesterday's post:

Was thinking of what my friends said when on my way home from work. Chengying and Joycelyn both asked me why do I keep buying a lot of things when i complain that i no money. They feel that i really she de hua qian, and will keep buying cds and magazines and all, like i got all the magazines they want to see (actually no hor, i dont buy some magazines like foreign ones, ok? those are pretty exp). Actually they dont understand ba, but buying things is like a retail therapy and a way to destress.. I buy a lot when i am happy and I buy a lot more when i am sad.. If want me to stop then the alternative is to eat tons of chocolate that will greatly affect my body (puts on weight, get heart attack, you name it you got it). Errr.. think it is safer to buy things ba..

Now For today's post:

Hahaha... happily didn't go to work today cos I want to rest.. (NOT MIA, but i request to be off one hor) I watch "virtual reality" on HBO (brother's tv so can only watch what he is watching and there are only eng channels so very sianz..). It is a movie on artificial intelligence, how the computer program turns against humans and brings disaster to mankind. Think the main male actor is cool, looks like Ashton Kutcher from the butterfly effect.. anyway, it is happy ending, the hero saves the world thingy...

After that, i went to West mall to buy 6 novels and get ang pao from one auntie... think they think i am very moneyminded cause i chased for the ang paos throughout the week... Not that I want but because i am not very young le (21 already) so must collect while i can... haha.. Anyway, back to novels, i wanted to buy them during work yesterday but forgot to bring my atm card... After buying, i went home to slack and read novels... Then i went to ktv at Partyworld Clementi.. Had to wait for Jane for an hour as she accompany her bf, mr pig to buy a siemen hp at Tampines Mall Starhub... She waited 2 hours plus loh... Amazing... She also bought a Papa Roti for each of us, which she also queued for 1 hour... Err... SUPER amazing... the roti is nice just that it is cold le and i finished it on the way home in the cab. Today, Janice's friends, Peter and David(err...think is David.. memory not good) joined us... So we got seven ppl, me, Jane, Mr pig, Janice, Jocelyn, Peter and David... Hahaha... sang lots of songs today, got SHE's tong kuai, hou niao, etc... Chose a lot of duet songs for pig and jane to sing but pig dont know how to sing so ended up the gals singing.. (Haiz... pig and jane must go practise more...). Janice, Jocelyn and I shared cab home again.. Trying luck to see if we will be so unlucky again. Cause last time (6th feb), we met a cab driver who dont know the routes and didnt ask for directions and didnt follow the instructions we gave... lucky, he reduced the cab fares after that. This time round, we gave specific instructions and got home safely... Janice was telling us some of her cab experiences during the journey... wow.. think her life is very happening wor.. Oh yeah, accidentally snatch her mic during one song and stop another song today... Really sorry...It's a mistake, i swear...

Actually i can change time and post yesterday's entry one but think not honest... haha... what can i say... i'm weird... I am supposed to write my CV and short write-up now but dont feel motivated... hahaha... my interest is soooo shortlived, still recall me being very excited on friday but now is okay okay... cause dont think i can get in ba... Just found that my tagboard disappeared all the way down after i posted the pics... Think need to add some html somewhere but since i dont know what, think better not do it ba (So friends, pls go down to post if you want to leave msg... thanks!) That's all le, quite a long one... and i need to start writing.... Bye bye...


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