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Monday, February 28, 2005

Finally can rest for a while!!

Well, went to work yesterday and took a poster home... ~~ BOA new album one... Not taking it for free hor, i will buy album on thurs (want to get double chop mah)... So scared that i will give wrong money to customers due to lack of sleep... Lucky nothing happened.. Hee~~

Was waiting for Joycelyn's report but really cannot tahan so went to sleep at around 12. Plans to wake up at 5am this morning but cannot make it and only wake up at 7am... Did the executive summary until 9 plus and had to take cab to school to meet up with them... Luckily there is no HB lecture today.. Our role play seems to pale in comparsion with the other groups... so sad... Never mind, at least got A- for ICA 1 le... Haha... i need all the marks i can get cos exams will be so difficult.

Haiz... still need to go for CRM lecture at 6pm... so late... Never mind, at least i can sleep longer tonite... Planning to go Causeway pt's Jigsaw puzzle world to see frames... need to buy for the one we completed on Sat... Hmph... think will be exp...


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