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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Yesterday is a stressful and frustrating day... I woke up early to do my Special Project but it took me a long time to just come up with a paragraph (Wasnt really concentrating Hosted by Photobucket.com).. Then I went to the post office to pick up brother's packages but there was a queue and the person is taking a long time so i had to rush off...I reach Yio Chu Kang mrt station on time. However, when i msg Doreen, she informed me that today's lec is CANCELLED.... Very sianz... No one really informed me.. only felicia msg me in the morning to ask me whether it is true or not and I asked her to go confirm with Malcolm. I didn't bother to double check too.... But frankly, no one else told me loh.. and I felt tired and sad.. I was in tears in the mrt and had to control myself (Once again pretend to be having flu...Hosted by Photobucket.com) I called up my mom to complain and feel better but still cannot go home as i had work at Sembawang later. I think I dont want to waste time with ppl le.. Cos I am the type who treat ppl good and I expect the same... I am not those good ppl who like to suffer in silence. I will rather be alone... In anger, I actually go msg everyone who owe me money and cds and asked them to return me... Anyway, i went to Orchard to WALK... cos didnt buy a lot of money and no atm card either... Glad to say it's a good way to curb my spending habit...Hosted by Photobucket.com I was late for work (went in at 5.15pm when i should be there at 4.45pm) and I got a spitting headache... Luckily there were less kids yesterday and the headache came and went at times... After work, finally can go home and SLEEP!!Hosted by Photobucket.com


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