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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


OMG, I cant believe myself... I had a project to rush, a test to study and a CV to write, and here I am typing my blog... I must be mad... Better keep this short..

Didnt really ignore my friends since i still have project work to do with them... So I still go to school with them, sit with them, work with them... But i no longer wait for them.. I left school when my lesson ends as I do need to go home and rest (I had work in the afternoon).. I seem to be putting up another face in front of them and covering up my real feelings. Anyway, I had come to terms with their behaviour and accepted that although i am their friend, i am not so impt until they will think of me all the time.. I think it is how I am seen to others, capable, responsible, always seem to know things and what to do, and that everyone will let me know things... But sadly, i want to announce to everyone that I am just a normal gal... i dont know everything and if no one makes the effort to let me know the info, i wont know anything at all... Feels so tired today, luckily work had occupied my thoughts and prevented me from thinking other things. Haiz.. just feel so old now... Anyway, need to go study le... Hope i will be back to normal and cheerful again.


  • haiz.. me same case here also.. dun have mood for anithing.. shouldnt be reading blogs, but tat's what i am doing.. =b

    din know tat u dunno abt the lect.. dun brood abt it ok? next time if i got info i sms u.. cheer up okie..

    in life things happen, both good and bad, whether you want them to or not.. at times pple tend to overlook things.. as u urself have mentioned, pple perceived u as some1 who knows a lot of "inside info", hence resulting in them thinking that u already know abt it.. dun take it to heart.. it is definitely not deliberate.. =>

    By Blogger Joycelyn Soh, at 11:39 PM  

  • hey, mi kit. jus stay cool, even there is many stuff coming up. yea.

    By Blogger 0200, at 2:21 PM  

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