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Friday, February 25, 2005

I am so GOOD!!!

I am glad to say that I am a good person, because I actually didn't rate her so bad even though i am really sick of her... I based it on actual facts hor... but i did rate her below average (only got 4 choice loh, excellent and good are not a choice so only below average and poor le)... Wahaha.. Today i bought my new bag to school, bought for $17 at Bugis Village... Took a pic and wanted Joycelyn to help me post it but dont know why cannot send to her phone via bluetooth... Haiz...Can only show the pic next time.

Today, Joycelyn was saying that she always get C for marketing modules during IM and Mr Lim said that at least she was not majoring in Marketing so is good thing... Then I add in that I am in trouble cos I major in HR and all my HR modules are C..Haiz.. Once again, i am reminded of the cruel fact that I choose wrongly. Dont regret choosing cos in retail will be worse ba (students in retail class are HIGHLY competitive)... Never mind, no choice anyway le...

Want for the baking again.. today is Strawberry Juice Cake and Strawberry Mousse Cake. dont really like strawberry but the cake is not too bad... We rolled the Strawberry Juice Cake into swiss rolls.. taste great. Dont really like Mousse cake cos there is too much cream...

Went to ntuc to buy strawberry and lemon barley drinks.... buy the drinks cos the gals are coming to my place to do project tomorrow... Karen is planning to cook spaghetti for lunch... Mom is asking to mop the floor cos it is too dirty... Actually i think it is ok loh but she always want to clean up when my friends come over... Ok, time to do research for tomorrow's project.


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