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Thursday, February 24, 2005

I seriously want to shout bad words.... ~~

The crm test is considerably easy but i hope I had answered the questions correctly and scored good grades. What made me super mad is that I only scored 66 for my bpo website... Damn it!! I spent 13 hours on it (12 am to 1 pm), and i get such grade.. Fujie got higher than me and he only spent like 4 hours... Bastard... I ask the teacher why and we review my website... She said something like she marked it point by point one, so if u cover the point then got it.. Then she said my learning outcome is different from the discussion issues... TA Ma De....She sucks loh... dont even understand why loh. I should have just choose to do IT outsourcing then, instead of wasting my time to find others, since she anyhow marks one... Frankly speaking, tomorrow is feedback loh and I am going to grade her the last grade, VERY POOR cos her lecturing skills sucks and she kept pushing the tutorials here and there loh... Dont even understand what she is teaching.... Ta si ding le..


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