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Thursday, February 17, 2005

My EaSt and wEsT HoRoscOpE

You are truer to your sign than most. With freedom-loving Uranus nestled between the planets. Sensing your identity and your intellect, you are likely to be even more idealistic and open-minded than usual, as well as ingeniously inventive and creative in your thinking. You are more expansive and optimistic than ever, and luck doe' tend to smile on you. You love a good party as much as a good crusade.

You may feel called to teach the way some feel called to the cloth-as a mission from God. You may see teaching as an opportunity to, in your own small way, save the world. You do much more than your duty to instruct your students in their studies; it is a means to encourage their individual intellectual and spiritual growth toward being worthy citizens of the world. You would not only share your knowledge, you would also inspire them to seek after the ideals of truth, beauty, wisdom, and justice.

You may meet a lovely Libra at a committee meeting who shares your vision of a better humanity sharing a brighter tomorrow, as well as your proclivity for group activities. A visionary Aquarius can certainly share your wavelength, but the two of you might get lost in orbit together. Your greatest challenge is to remember to check in on Earth occasionally, and your asset is your unbridled optimism.

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