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Monday, February 28, 2005

My Gem Horoscope~~

Turquoise or lapis lazuli (Sagittarius)

You like: Going abroad, watching comedy movies and learning risky new skills such as bungee-jumping or scuba-diving.

You dislike: routine, living in the same town all ur life, EastEnder re-runs and boring food. You're best at: Inspiring people to overcome their fears, winning arguments and smiling when u are surrounded by gloomy faces.

Deep down: U are a wandering spirit with a lust for adventure and travel. No mat! ter where u are, there's always somewhere else u would like to be - just for a day or two. U hate being cooped up.

Your career: Ski instructor, sports journalist, human-resources manager, advocate or social worker

Fashion: Fashion-wise, you're constantly changing - one minute you're massively slobby in a stained old sweatshirt and ancient trackie pants; then the next you opt for an OTT party look, complete with feather boas and masses of glitter. Generally though, you prefer going casual, because you have to feel comfortable.

As a mate: U are honest and speak ur mind without fear. Friends like ur outgoing personality and often turn to u when they need fun and adventure. U aren't interested in gossiping and get irritated when that's the only topic of conversation.

As a girlfriend: U are a bag of laughs, thrilling ur boy f with ur thirst for adventure. He'll appreciate ur down-to-earth personality 'n' loves that u get on so well with his mates. A pleasant partner, u areundemanding and enjoy an easygoing relationship.

If your boyfriend's a Sagittarius : Adventurous and cocky, he loves travelling and wants u to join him on his journey. Let ur hair down, take it easy and enjoy the ride with this cute character. He often gets restless,so make an effort to see and do new things instead of chillin' on the sofa every night

Celebrity Sagittarians Zoe Ball (23/11/70), Dane Bowers - Another Level (28/11/79), Gary Lineker (30/11/60), Britney Spears (2/12/81), Lucy Liu (2/12/68), Aaron Carter (7/12/87), Nicole Appleton (7/12/74), Christine Aguilera (18/12/80), Brad Pitt (18/12/65), Stephen Spielberg (18/12/47), Keifer & nbsp;Sutherland (21/12/66) and Jamie Theakston (21/12/70).


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