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Friday, February 18, 2005

Oh My God!!!

Today is quite sianz as my class is cancelled and I need to wait 2 hours for the SP meeting... Haiz.. Took the time to finish my HB tutorial le, left only one more..

Saw Mr Aloysius Tan today and he said can recommand me to his friend in Nokia who is looking for management trainee... Wow... I need to rush out my CV asap le... Ms Chia also asked me to write a write up of 200 words to describe my achievements in NYP cos she wants to nominate me for SBM award... OMG... must pinch myself hard hard to know i am not dreamingz... So happy so lucky and SO busy...

I started my baking course today and learnt two recipes, Japanese cheese cake and Cheesy ladder sponge. My teacher is Julie Yee, the same teacher i learnt to do pineapple tarts from... Very fun cos the Cheesy ladder sponge needs us to put cream and assemble the parts... hahaha..

This week, a lot of my friends around me are busy registering to study in the local uni, NUS, NTU and SMU. I am so jealous of them and tempted to do so too. But my mom already want me to go look for job as my bro has only 2 more years with Navy and then will be jobless... Haiz... Never mind, cos I know i am a fickle gal and like changes. Think it is better to work for a few years then go overseas to study degree.. more challenging for me... Thus i think this few years need to work hard and save more so need to buy less (sob sob.. very hard).

OMG, just recall me scolding Joycelyn for being obsessed with blog and now I think i caught the virus too... I posted like 5 posts yesterday and this past week, I have either been busy posting entrys or finding things for blog.... very jialat.... Ok, better stop here le..


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