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Saturday, February 26, 2005


Wahaha~~ Suppose to meet the gals at mrt station at 10am but only wake up at 9.30am... Hee.. Then i spent 10 mins to sweep the floor (requested by mom :p)... I waited for Karen to come to my place first as her father drove her to my place... Then we went mrt station to pick up the rest and then went to ntuc to buy ingredients for lunch. We bought sphagetti, sphagetti sauce, a bottle of Domremy red grape wine with peach, etc.. On the way to my place, we bought bubble teas to drink cos it is soooo hot... Karen and Doreen started cooking when reached my place... Funny to see Doreen do cooking cos she is like dont know how to do one. After that, each of us got a big plate/bowl of sphagetti with sauce and lots of meat, even my bro got( but Karen and Doreen's bowl are a lot smaller, dont know they give us so much). They said like eating ba chou mee cos got so many meat. The funny thing is that although we are supposed to do project, we ended up watching vcd and doing jigsaw puzzle. Chengying, Doreen and me finished the Winnie the pooh puzzle in 3 hrs (with help from the nos behind the puzzle...hee~). Joycelyn went to my bed and sleep sleep and play with my hippo dear dear and disturb Karen, who is the only one doing actual work then... Joycelyn is sooooooo bad... wahaha~~ Then we divided remaining work between Joycelyn and me... We also rehearse for monday's role play... Hahaha... got the time of our life, laughing and laughing as we act... Around five, Karen, Doreen and Joycelyn needed to leave. Doreen and Joycelyn got dinner outside, Karen needs to go home and eats. Chengying stayed till 6pm cos she need to print and cut the board for the scenes... I sent her to the mrt then buy fries for bro... It started to rain heavily for a while on my way home.. super cold then... now feeling hot again after the rain started... Think i will fell sick if always hot, then cold, then hot again... Ok, need to edit project le...


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