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Friday, February 04, 2005

A Sad Sad Dayz...

Got 3 mths never post le.... now looking for template to make page look nicer...Wahaha

I had 3 icas yesterday... really stressed out... all the stress plus lack of sleep plus quarreling with my mom in the morning resulted in me broking down in tears after CRM test.... Quite pai seh ah... I couldn't stop my tears, and kept on letting my tears run. I found that the more I cry, the more tired I felt and the more I want to keep on crying....So the tears goes on for 30mins and only stopped when I had to take the last test... I am really seriously thinking that I may fail my CRM test.... Haiz... Think I scared my friends with my tears... Scared another friend when I sms him that I feel like dying... He thought something has happened. Really thanks for his concerns wor... Feeling better now le, plus I managed to win free tixs to see the local movie, "I do I do". Super happy and I went on shopping spree today. Bought 3 jigsaw in school, SHE DVD(waited super long) and 6 novels to read during coming holidays... Now, I'm still debating whether to buy Jay chou DVD or not... Not really his fan leh...

Taking Human Behaviour as a module now... Kinda like the basics of psychology. From the notes, i am able to understand why I am the way I am... Mostly due to my parents' indulgent parenting style, I am quite a brat when i want to be... Tends to rely on ppl a lot for help (So sorry to my project mates from yr 1 to 3). I also had low self-esteem, due to being compared a lot to other more outstanding ppl in the family (like bro, cousins, etc...). Overall, I understand myself more but still at debate on how to change myself cos the laziness is really in my bone and I dont have the motivation to start changing anyway...

Gave my er-ge a present for his 22nd birthday on wed... Actually, didn't tell him that i bought the gift years ago, when we were both in sec 4.. miss the time to give him that year so when I finally dig it up during spring cleaning, i decided to give it to him this year. One reason is to clear space (wahaha... no choice.. Chinese new year coming). But the more important reason is to clear so that I wont be remind of the sad past, of the time I had a mad crush on him. It was quite ok when I met him on wed... not much feelings le (probably because most of my mind is on the coming tests yesterday). Quite surprised to see him smoking and learning that the other 2/8 guys also smoked... What is it with guys and smoking? Always mutually attracted to each other? No idea.... Wow... what a long post. it's like shooting out 3 mths' worth of post but still need more ba... hee.. Anyway, time to sleep... nite and thanks for sharing my thoughts..


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