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Monday, February 07, 2005


Another tired day... Probably because I went home late last nite.. Why? I went to Party world for ktv with my secondary school friends, Jane, Huimin and Joycelyn. I had to rush down to clementi after work. First time I want to ktv so it's very memorable... We were having lots of fun and kept laughing and laughing. Super tired because of this and ends up feeling asleep in International Marketing lecture. But i think the teacher is too naggy la... or else how come I never fell asleep in Human Behaviour lec...

I won 2 tixs to the "I Do I Do" premiere, which is today. However, when I got the tixs at 6.30pm, they told me the show is delayed to 9.15pm cos the celebrities are coming. On other days, i will be glad to wait but I am really tired and my mom still want to buy stuff for tomorrow's reunion dinner, so ended up not going.... Hee... but we two will be going to watch the "Seoul Raiders" this week.. Think is more interesting ba... i like to watch Shu qi... Hee.. think she is super beautiful and slim and all... Haiz... Wish i am like her... Low self-esteem le...

Anyway, I think I really caught the flu from Doreen. My nose is like dripping the whole day. Not only me got hit, think Felicia is also affected... This is bad since Chinese new year is coming in 2 days time... Haiz... I think I better go sleep le, so as to get well faster... Need to blow my nose again... dripping.... Nighty..


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