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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Another Day~~

Supposed to be rushing out my HB and special project now... Dont know why i am so obsessed... Anyway, just back from tuition work... Soooooo tiring... Just changed my wallpaper to the pic below... Super cute hor.. I got the pic in an email LONG long time ago but just saw it again recently... Hee... Tell u all a funny thing.. Was walking to school with Felicia, Audrey and Doreen and the four of us were mistaken to be there for JAE... Wahaha.. Come on loh... we are going to grad already and somemore Felicia and i are already in early adulthood.. Do we have the blur blur look of fresh ppl out of sec sch? Dont know but must say that the NYP helpers are really enthusiastic to have ppl entering NYP wor. Ok, really got to go do ppt le.. Nitey!

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