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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Blur Queen~~

Joycelyn came back to attend CRM lec~~ WOW~~ so rare wor... Joycelyn, Cheng Ying and i ate at Mac before lec, then took our time to go there... Spent most of the lec drawing on my book and ah gong's book..wahaha... feel bored mah... Just discover my tagboard reappeared le...haha... Must be because the pics are not there le...

Went to causeway pt then discover that the jigsaw puzzle world had already changed to Samsung... Sianz... Me so blur... Went to walk around since i am already there... Saw my friends Zuxian and Xiu Xian there.. Hahaha, what a coincidence... Bought a polo t-shirt with a SUPER CUTE design of a Sumo... Haha.. it's in RED cos i am a HIGH profile person (ppl in my clique will know why).

My friend just call me and told me her hp got STOLEN... OMG, remind me of what happen to me last year. My hp got stolen in su room... Hers was stolen in production by same company's staff loh.. She is super sad and i can only crap nonsense to cheer her up.. She said she also quarrel with her bf.. not exactly quarrel but more of a cold war now... as her bf never console her and even went out to play.. never even calls back her till just now... I seriously asked her to consider whether she want to still be with him. Didn't mean to ask them to break up but if a guy never or at least most of the time, only think of himself... Is it WORTH to waste ur time? I dont know lah.. never been in love so cannot say... but i cant stand a guy like that... Still have work to do so calling it a day..


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