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Friday, March 11, 2005


F*** THE DAMN LEE KENG MUN.... it is so obvious that he is biased against Malcolm loh... his favourite student... as soon as Malcolm presented, that a**hole had a slight smile on his face. Then throughout the presentation, he was nodding his head in approval of what Malcolm said and ALSO smile a second time... so crap loh... I mean i can relate this to Malcolm's presentation skill, ppt, content plus report to be better than other gps (yea, including Dave's group, and Ah gong usually write good stuff one hor), but then how come he only smile when Malcolm is presenting? AND how about the numerous of nods of approvals plus the enthu clapping at the end of presentation?... All these just showed how BIASED he is loh.. i mean i dont see him smiling at the rest of Malcolm's gp ... Daphne, Audrey are all presenting in a very professional way loh.. He is really FULL of CRAPS loh, no wonder he is assigned to TEACH marketing... He really should go retire and go live off his wife.. He got the looks of a xiao bai nian. Wish never see that BASTARD, F***ING A**HOLE CRAP again... hMPH Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Never mind, only 3 more weeks, i must ENDURE ENdure endure...
Luckily, i got my friend's song with me on my way home... It's really funny.. after hearing twice, my anger is somehow appeased le.. forgot to share it with Joycelyn, Cheng Ying, ah gal Karen and ah gal Doreen... Think will let them hear on Monday ba... The song is "i dont want to pick up your call"... wahaha...

I fell asleep at BPO revision lec today... cos too tired...Got our classphoto today... think will order 2 ba.. dont know want the frame or not.. Hmmmm... Okay, need to go eat dinner le..


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