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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Heng ah~~ BPO got hope le

Wahaha.. my IPP manager replied me very fast and i had the interview answers for BPO already. i did call her today to clarify some more doubts but there still seem to be something lacking... never mind, think i can email her again..

My friends are asking me to send my past work for IB and Effective writing to them. I promised to do so too... but the thing is i cannot find some of the documents anymore.. think i forgot to save ba (very unlike me, as i saved everything due to kiasuism)... So pai seh.. must apolognise le...

Tomorrow going to bai shen with mom... then i am planning to go Air asia's sales office to take a peek... Not sure want to go to Rayyan's party or not cos pasir ris is far and i am so lazy... Besides that, i still have 2 projects to hand up next week... Damn loh... Think i seriously considering not going le.. Ok, time to sleep~~


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