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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It's Now or Never~~

Really got this "things are coming to an end" feelings these few days.. Today, meet Jingshan and Karen to study at airport... Quite crazy for me to go so far to study, but hecks, i figured it wont hurt since it's the last time i can do such thing. Unexpectably, i actually arrive at 10.15am, 15 mins earlier than arranged time.. Karen asked me to go to the bus stop to meet her, but i really had no idea where that is.. In the end, i stayed at T1, near the Burger King there to read the book Joycelyn lent me, "Finding Mr Right"... Walau, i had to wait till 11 plus before they two finally appeared.. lucky i got the book to entertain me... Then we went to da bao Burger King meals to eat at the viewing gallery... me surprised i still can tahan cos i only eat chicken sandwich meal from BK, and i had that yesterday le...

Anyway, we went to T1 viewing gallery, and Karen was saying that she think we are at the wrong one, cos she think the one she frequent is at T2, with red carpet one.. SO we agree to go over after eating... Not much planes flying when we were eating.. think we are sitting at the wrong place ba.. After that, we walked to take skytrain.. it arrived soon when we were there.. but there was a technical problem and the doors cannot open.. The passengers like struck inside, very ke lian...The problem was finally solved when a technican arrived.. We discovered the reason for the doors not able to open... The train was not fully into the track thus the train doors cannot open loh... think the technican had to go push the train in.. haahaha.. lucky later when we alight, it did not happen again.

Then we walked to the T2 viewing gallery, but we walked here and there and still cannot find it.. I said that this is the first time i got lost in Changi Airport and Jing shan jokingly said that the news will report 3 Singaporeans getting lost in Changi Airport.. Finally, we concluded that the T2 viewing gallery may be under renovation cos the whole place seems to be under construction and is boarded up here and there.. maybe that's why we cannot get there.. Finally we settled down up Coffeebean to study at 12 plus as Jingshan dont want to walk back to T1 viewing gallery although ah gal actually want to see the planes..

Spent the next 5 hours on IM.. Had a hot chocolate to drink and a slice of chocolate thousand leaves as snack... After that, we left at 5.22pm cos our concentration is fading.. Really need to say that i like Changi Airport's toilets.. still as clean as before.. Haha.. I dropped by Popular before going home.. to take more photos with Xiaoyun as today IS her last day!! We two took lots of photos.. hahaha.. I also saw lots of books i want to buy.. hmph.. must endure cos my pay not out yet...that's all today.. meeting the gang to study again tomorrow at AMK.. This time is KFC.. hengz.. dont think i can take BK for another day... Oh yeah.. me finally finish Joycelyn's book, though i'm supposed to be studying... Hee..Nite nite..

Both XiaOyUn and mE.. cAptuRed uSinG yUn's phone
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

XiaOyUn.. capTured using mY phone.. My skill not bad hor..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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