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Friday, March 18, 2005

LAST DAY in school~~

Wow... Finally finished all my 3 projects today.... actually supposed to finish yesterday but the other 2 crm groups took very long time to present and my gp has to be pushed to today... Think my presentation and Q & A skills sucked but think the report can help me score.. Really lucky to have Malcolm in my group..

Anyway, for ebiz... it is really crazy.. my gp is really POWER~~ finished the thing in 2 days loh.. we even stayed back till 10pm on Wed.. wahaha.. but we still have errors till the last min so we just covered it by not showing to the teacher in class yesterday and then correct it after class.. this is all because of the unpredictable server and the tedious data binding process... Anyway, it's finished and we had burn it into the disc and handed to the teacher today...

Then BPO is so easy and quick.. no presentation needed.. just need to answer questions.. wahaha... my BPO gp is still the ebiz gp so we was happily correcting the ebiz then while waiting yesterday.. the questions for BPO are also very simple.. haha.. my gp had a good laugh while answering.. dont know why.. maybe is destressing or feeling relieved that project week's all over le...

Anyway.. i had my last lunch at FJ yesterday, eating yong dao fu... Couldnt eat in school today till to CRM presentation... the presentation also make me miss joining my clique when they went to the grassroots to play games for the last time.. think i miss out a lot loh... got my crm written result today.. 14/20... quite ok loh... hopefully i can get an A... need all the help i can get to maintain my grades... haiz..

Today i wear my new top and new shoes... the shoes is really a nightmare... caused my foot to qi pao... sianz... did i got the wrong size? Anyway, got the ebiz seminar today... then took some pics with karen they all... haha.. by the fountain somemore..must remember to get from them.. Qinz Qinz was also there for the photo taking... She was wearing a SKIRT wor.. maybe is no big deal to others but me really really never see her dress so nice in all my 3 years in nyp.. maybe i just never caught her at the right time... Wonder if she had a bf le.. that's why dress so nice.. hmph.. i dont know.. must go ask karen.. me very kaypo one.

Today also happen to be last lesson for baking class (caused me to miss the last epsiode of "you are the one", all AH GONG's fault for not reminding me... could have record the show.. somemore ask me to write good things about him on blog.. HMPH.. xiang de mei.. still dare to bribe me with a mac meal to write that he is handsome, brilliant, etc etc... WOW... once again XIANG DE MEI~~) Anyway, learnt to do chocolate fudge cake and white and dark chocolate muffins today... wahaha.. chocolates wor.. of course i was paying attention today and did not fall asleep like last week... even though i slept quite little last nite cos i went to k box with Hueyling, Pei hwa, Xiao yun and yoke mei... Sang a lot of songs but my voice is a bit too soft. Got covered by xiao yun and yoke mei's voices when sang together. But i did scream my heart out when xiaoyun and i sang "Superstar", SHE's song (Yea.. I sang a lot of SHE songs yesterday)..Pei hwa was saying lucky only got 2 mic cos yoke mei is also singing very loud... think she thought the ceiling will fall down if we all three scream together.. wahaha...it is actually a farewell event for xiao yun as she had resigned and is going back to Malaysia after 23th Mar... It's like everyone is leaving and it's so sad... Things are changing and i am so not prepared for it to change even though i know it will happen... Haiz..

Next week is study week le... need to cramp 4 modules' worth of info into my small small head.... so ke lian right.. wish all my classmates good luck and study hard hard for exams.. Gambate, we can DO IT!! just 13 more days to freedom...

Here's the hairdo i got yesterday.. nothing much.. just small braids at the sides. haha so small that it is not noticeable.. wahaha

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Saw this cute baby on the mrt on my way home last nite.. haha.. really cute and was smiling at me when she caught me smiling at her.. too bad, couldnt take a better and close up pic.. what to do, me scared the mother beat me up ah.. haha.. me such a dan xiao gui...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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