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Friday, March 04, 2005


Hahaha... my friend just asked whether i am a queen of slackers.. Maybe i am ba, cos i usually takes my time to do things till last min... Heehee.. Lazybones mah...

There was a test on e-biz today.... As usual only study at the last min but luckily study the RIGHT portions so still can answer... So lucky... Very tired.. as i still have 5 projects to do... and only 2 weeks left... Scary...

My crm group is very funny.. we were planning to do travel agencies then changed to airlines because of the teacher saying that it will be more interesting.. Think other people in other classes are doing travel agencies too, that's why the teacher want variety. In this case, i wont mind changing if higher marks are guranteed..
Chosen Valuair and Airasia as the companies for project.. But i dont want to do mystery shopper cos the scenerio we thought is so bizarre.. will lose face one...
Ok, better get started for my project le... nite nite :p


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