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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


After ah gong's threat, i had to remove his advertisement but i had got the swing out of it le.. so any of my friends who wants me to advertise for him/her, just drop me a msg and i will do my best to "promote" you.. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yesterday, i went to Chinatown People Park with mama to book tours to Genting and Taiwan for April.. Costed a bomb, but it's on brother's account so i dont feel guilty (who asked him to always bully me.. Hmph.. i spent more of his money)... Then I went to West Mall and watch "Hitch" alone.. Wanted to watch with my friend one but he had family matters to attend to and our schedule dont really click cos my exams ARE APPROACHING~~ Image hosted by Photobucket.com

About the movie, "Hitch", it is quite interesting and funny.. that's what makes me want to help ppl advertise (see my first paragraph).. Think i want to be like the guy and help ppl create opportunities (once again, if u need my help... drop me a msg).. but for my own, i kept thinking of the female lead's words (even though she was attached to Hitch in the end). She told her friend that " You need to enjoy the feelings of being single" (or something like that.. me memory is very jialat).. Think i agree with her on this pt.. in a way, i'm like her friend and i think most females are or most SINGLE females are.. we keep searching and searching for that one love... and get hurt over and over again.. maybe i just dont believe in love, which is an irony cos i had not really been hurt by men before, technically speaking(except by my brother who always pulled my hair and disturbed me). Must be the poor examples around me...

Seriously, i'm not in the mood for love but i really love a good company here and then... that's where my ge ge men and buddies come in.. haha.. there for me to exploit.. Dont hit me hor, or i will sue.. I think i do enjoy the feelings of being single most of the time cos i'm lazy.. haha.. and i actually enjoyed watching movies and doing other stuff on my own, which surprised other ppl.. No one understand the great feelings of watching movies on their own.. u guys should try it out.. Talking about watching movie again, i think i am pretty ke lian.. cos yesterday in the theatre, i got two couples sitting near me, one in front, one at the side.. The side couple kissed twice during the movie (not that i want to notice but my seat is affected when they moved).. luckily the front couple didnt do much but lean on each other.. Heng, bu xin zhong de da xin...

Went to popular to take Photos with Xiaoyun yesterday.. otherwise no opportunity to do so when she left.. her phone seems to be the same as Felicia.. wahaha.. not sure loh.. SAMSUNG's phones looked alike to me.. Wahaha... Take opportunity to suan Felicia's phone...Image hosted by Photobucket.com ...

Anyway, for today, i want to Compass pt at Sengkang to study with Karen gal, Ah gong, Joycelyn, Chengying, Jingshan and Mad Matt.. Very hard for me to concentrate.. hahaha... me bad student.. I bought a present for Qinz Qinz and 3 chinese novels for myself.. wahaha.. Ok ok.. time to go sleep le.. cos tomorrow going to airport to study.. my first and last time doing that.. wahaha.. Nite nite

My favourite drink currently - Jia Jia Herbal Drink
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My snack at Burger King today - Hershey Sundae Pie
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