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Saturday, March 19, 2005

SO sorrie~~

Oh yeah.. just realise that i forgot to say sorry to my ebiz members.. I'm supposed to do the website cos i had not contributed to the report.. but then i still need the rest to stay back with me to complete.. and it's my fault cos i did not have a headstart in the project even though i am supposed to... A very SINCERE SORRY to all my ebiz gp members, especially Joycelyn... she is like super stressed out the whole time, that poor gal...

Oh yeah.. must also give a special thanks to AH GONG and KIT YEE for helping us with the data binding.. this two got magic fingers wor... we do and do but still cannot work but they here click there click and the page is done... both of them should go IT sector... wahaha.. they got the magic touch..

I sang a song yesterday called "hui mie ai qing" by lin guan yin. Still not familiar with the whole song but learning it.. cos the feeling is really like what i had in sec 4 and jc and even now... haha... here's the link for the lyrics..



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