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Saturday, March 26, 2005

sTUdY sTUdY~~

Hmph.. Time now = 2.08AM. I had just woke up to study Human Behaviour.. Trying to see whether i can concentrate more at this hour or in the normal morning hours...

I went to Karen's place yesterday(Fri), to study. Ah gong was also there.. But there was a LACK OF CONCENTRATION for me as i spent most of the time laying on her beanbag to sleep sleep.. Actually didnt really sleep but also didnt STUDY loh, which was what i was supposed to do..

We order PIZZA to eat.. haha.. order the new Splitzza from Pizza Hut.. But to our horror, when the food was delivered, it was quite small.. only a regular for the 3 of us, 2 small slices per person.. Lucky there was the 6-pieces drumsticks and we had also order garlic bread... And also lucky, we are in Karen's place.. cos got buns, tau siang bin, roti prata etc etc to eat.. Both Karen and Ah gong ate a big bun each while i ate a sweet-flavour tau siang bin.. hahaha..Listen to 5566 songs till a bit sick.. though i am a fan but i cannot listen to their songs over and over again..

At around 4 to 5pm plus, we started to read through HB past year papers.. haha.. and crap through it.. All there were laughing and laughing...Left her place at around 6.08pm, totally exhausted... I promise to call ah gal at 2am and we two will gambate on our own.. Ah gal said she may go shopping or somewhere to relax today, which i want to join... except if she is going to beach.. cos me tired and me also not supposed to go near water this month... waahaa.. superstition again..
Time check: 2.27am... Time to study~~


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