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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Wah Seh

Wah Seh, me still struggling with HB although i planned to finish yesterday... Main reason is because i kept diverting my attention to freecell, minesweeper, blog, etc... But i really need to complete before morning.. think this is a long long nite..

Anyway, went to bai shen with mom on Sat... then went to buy golden piggy bank.. its cute.. fat fat one... I also went to Sim Lim to get my long desired BLUETOOTH ADAPTER.. dont know the brand Ziga good or not. As long as it can work, i am happy le... This one can allow a range to 100m. Costed me $34.90... Dont know considered normal price or not...

Then i went to shop at the nearby OG... Saw a nice polka dots dress (rare of me to aim at a dress), but costed $69.90... Wow, super exp sia... then i also feel weird wearing but it is nice.. me no assets to wear it lah.. unlike Kit yee and Joycelyn (Haha... get what i mean?). Then went to Penisula Plaza to take a peek at the Airasia sales office... but it's closed.. Just saw the arrangement of the office.. then walked to Raffles City and bought a Giodano cargo pants at $45.... I spent $80 bucks le.. When i was leaving, i got tempted to buy a big bookmark clip with flower for my friend and me... And also another pink cute piggy bank with big nose one... Haiz... my money is gone.. got almost $100 already and all in my day... That's why i dont like to go out..

Then today, i woke up early to write the HB thingy (completed, but not typed out yet).. Ah gong asked me to do conclusion and ppt also.. think is punishment... sob sob... My friend cannot meet me for lunch today cos he is sick... There goes my free lunch (he owe me a Mac meal)... I bought a Giodano V-necked tee.. need it to match my skirt... heehee $14 gone... Ok, that's all, need to go type HB... and search for nice ppt bg..


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