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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

weird weird movie~~

Second time typing this.. blog got problems.. Haiz..

Just saw a movie by Huang Qiusheng, called "Thou Shall Not Commit". It is so weird and here's the brief storyline..He played a policeman, who suspected his wife is having an affair with his best friend, so he killed his best friend in rage and forged his own death. In actual fact, the wife was asking the best friend to help her search for her long-lost son. Anyway, after a while, the policeman actually found the woman's son, who was an ex-convict then, and arranged for both of them to meet and fall in love so as to get revenge. The wife actually is deeply in love with her "dead" husband but cannot stand the loneliness and also thought the young man is sent by her husband to accompany her. On the day the wife finally accept the son and had sex with him, the husband burst into the room and announced to the wife, "Ta shi ni de er zhi (He's your son)"... the son cannot accept it and commit suicide by jumping out of the window. The wife tried to save him but failed.. After that, she finally told her husband that the son is also HIS SON and the story how he is conceived.. before jumping out of the window herself. The story is quite bizarre but the thing is the director filmed the movie till so confusing that i only grasped the whole story at the end.. I wonder if the director is the very profound Wong Kar Wai, cos he always filmed in such "chiam chiam" style.. Think Wong Kar Wai is like Zhang Yimou.. Both of the "chiam chiam" type... Wahaha.. that's all


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