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Sunday, March 20, 2005


A few days ago, i discovered lot of ants moving on my bedtop.. i followed them and traced their resting place to be my bedroom door, which happened to be rotting away (somehow)... eee.. so disgusting.. imagine the whole inside of the door infested with ants... ER XIN!!! i scared my brother's door also like this cos it is in the same state as mine... I asked mom to buy something for me to spray spray... She bought Baygon mosquito killer.. not sure ok or not..

Anyway, she helped me spray once today and when i came back from tuition work, i sprayed once more.. she scolded me (more on joking type of scold) when i spray, said i should have turn the door to face the wall when i sprayed the inside part.. cos she is sleeping nearby and scared the spray will splashed onto her... i told her "i stupid mah, no common sense" loh.. then when i was closing the door to spray the outside part of the door, she asked me why i close door.. so i told her "must also spray the other side of the door as the ants can escape from the other side ah... see, i got some common sense one hor".. wahaha.. after that, i asked her whether she sprayed my brother's door. She said no so i rushed to spray and managed to kill some.. Wahaha.. What an achievement!!

Then have to wipe the floor to clear the corpses of the ants.. i got ask my mom how come the doors so fast rot le.. only 3 yrs old wor.. cos dont remember the previous ones, which is by the govt and lasted for 17 years got such problems... She said the new doors are expensive and good ones so like that loh.. Wahaha... think expensive is really not durable... But i keep feeling that it is because we are kena cheated by my uncle, my mom's older sister's husband... cos it was done by him and it was exp loh.. think he got poor quality wood for us.. Once again, it proved how useless the men from my mother's side are...

Anyway, i found more ants in the kitchen.. sianz.. i lazy to find their hiding places... just hoped that it is not my desk again... cos i find a whole nest in my drawer before and have to wash it out.. think is from that day onwards, i started to really HATE ANTS~~ Think they are really nasty and troublesome...

Just realise that yesterday is really a lot of last day thingy for me... Last day do project presentation, last day in school, last day cooking lesson, last day go ibrc, last epsiode of "you are the one" (though i didnt get to watch it, once again ah gong's fault ).. WOW~~ think quite a lot.. dont know still got others i cannot recall mah.. Was chatting with Joycelyn yesterday and she mentioned an author she liked, which is Emily Carmichael. I searched through Amazon for her books and discovered i actually had one of her books, called "a ghost for maggie"... wahaha.. What to do, me only remember book titles for some books.. Only those authors, like Sandra Bown, Julie Garwood,Nora Roberts, i will remember cos i super like their books.. But i discovered lately that i had not been reading English romances already.. more obsessed with Mandarin ones..

Anyway, tired le and still need to work tomorrow.. once again reminded of that fact that i scolded Joycelyn for being obsessed with blogging and i ended up obsessed now when she had cut down on it... Once again i think she is the one who spreaded the virus to me Just finish watching andy lau's movie, "hei jin"... HE IS SO HANDSOME AND COOL!!

Wahaha.. Oh yeah, my old mentee from Canbarra Sec finally paid me back the $60 today... owe me for a year plus le... So happy now.. Just now, stupidedly type leehui's blog address even though i know she dont blog anymore.. i stupidly type the wrong address and go to someone else's blog. the weird thing is that the person got the same birthday as me... So qiao...That's all for today so end here.


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