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Saturday, April 23, 2005

2 more days~~

Today met Joycelyn at Yishun cos she is lending me her digital cam for my trip..Almost cannot make it cos i am a lazy pig, even though we are meeting at 1pm.. hee... YEA!! i can take photos leh and mom wont nag me for wasting money on a camera leh.. wahaha.. Then we went to Long John Silver to eat and shop around Northpt.. saw 2 sets of tvb shows i want to buy.. errr.. maybe after my trip, if i still got money.. haha..now got half price wor.. After that, we went home on our own.. but i stopped by Lot 1 cos i want to go More Than Words to preorder SHE alarm clock... Walked around first and spent $20 on novels again.. haiz.. when can i start saving money... Anyway, went to More Than Words and discover that the alarm clock costed $43.. hmph.. didnt recall it to be so exp.. was re-considering (not bad, i actually will considered whether to spend or not.. must be because of being suan by Joycelyn just now) and ended up not buying.. haahaa.. went home then and reached home around 6 plus.. Realise i forgot to change money.. think the rate will be lower tomorrow since it is weekend but too lazy to walk back... Actually mom changed money already but i still want to keep some Taiwan New Dollars on me so that i can spend.. hahaha.. Just saw I Do I Do vcd.. quite funny and LAME~~ no wonder is a local production.. especially like the parts by Li Guohuang... he only had two scenes.. one as a loanshark and one where he spoke english, shakespeare somemore.. hahaha.. he is a good xi ji yan yuan...Went to Joycelyn's friend's webbie and saw a link, which got a link, which is very funny.. i am so making myself confused.. hahaha.. Anyway, the content is funny.. here's the link.. Things I hate about my Flatmate .. it makes my day..nice to see other ppl crap bad stuff.. it makes u feel that ur life is REALLY NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL!! Saw the canon advertisement on its new camera, IXUS 700.. so nice and got 7.1 megapixels.. can consider it next time... wahaha.. ok, i need to go watch "my girl", the cute thai movie.. planning to lend to friend tomorrow but havent even see it yet.. hahaha.. TATA~~


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