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Sunday, April 24, 2005

8 hrs and counting~~

Haiz.. still got a few hours and i havent finished packing... hmph.. what to bring..

2 t shirts checked
3 tops checked
3 jeans checked
Undergarments checked
Swimwear checked
Swim cap checked
Comb, Facial wash, Novel checked, checked checked
Camera, Handphone, Charger checked, checked checked

Anything else? Dont care le.. go there then buy.. wahaha.. nervous nervous.. scared i will be sick cos lately kept sweating a lot at nite.. haiz.. today went west mall buy swim caps.. saw Ivan on my way home.. wow.. is it fate? But then he never notice me loh.. haiz.. me just a salesgal in his mind.. haha.. watched some vcds today.. watched till i fell asleep.. now very tired, think i go off le.. Nitey~~

My Itinerary.. wahaha


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