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Monday, April 18, 2005


Yesterday morning was reading novels and ended up no time to prepare.. then quarrel with my dad cos he was occupying the toilet for a long time.. the thing is he ALWAYS occupied it for 20 to 30 mins.. why? he want to read newspapers when doing his "big business".. cannot make it.. i shouted and scolded him.. ended up i didnt bath, just change clothes.. lucky last nite very late then bath so still smell ok.. then brother was saying that i always blame my things on other ppl.. ok, i admit i do.. but things will definitely be better if HE is not around.. Mom was just telling me, that dad caused her to lose money in 4D cos she forgot to buy a number and it's came out in first prize.. told u his existence is a nuisance and not welcomed by the women in my family.. only bro is ok with him.. Hmph, maybe my habit of blaming my on others came from my mom? haha.. just thinking of more excuses... Mom brought dinner to me yesterday nite.. so happy.. nice meal and foc one.. haha..


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