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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Back in Singapore~~

Finally back from Genting..

Started my trip early morning yesterday by going to Golden Mile Complex to board bus at 7.30am... Went to Genting through Tuas checkpt and begin a 6 hour plus journey.. Really no people at the checkpt at that time.. haha.. maybe due to off-peak season ba.. Saw a movie on the bus, not sure of the name.. but it's about a murderer who joined FBI and planned to kill all the other trainees on a lone island.. In the end, only the female lead survived.. Haha.. Slept and slept to the top.. Arrived at the bus terminal at First World.. my first time there cos usually travelled by cable car... Checked in at Genting Hotel.. Very Shuai, cos there is renovation at the floor above my room.. SUPER NOISY!!! Then went to casino to take a look and shop plus eat dinner at First World Shopping Centre.. After that, went back to room to watch tv.. Managed to watch "hei ye cai hong" first epsiode, which i missed in Singapore.. Enjoy it though i dont understand cantonese.. Hahha.. my mom said we two weird, come Genting to watch tv.. haha.. went to bed early at 9pm..

Woke up at 7am this morning and went for breakfast.. Had dim sum.. hahaha.. Then went casino to play the jackpot machines.. Played the 1 credit -2cents.. Managed to lose RM 34.. haha.. my mom only won RM3.. Cos she played small while i had no luck.. After that, went to buy chocolates to bring home.. haha.. no choice, i cannot live without them.. Checked out at 12.30pm and went to take cable car... Bought more foodstuff at the cable car station... Managed to change our bus to 2pm instead of 4pm and the location is to Boon Lay somemore.. haha near my place.. so we sat around for 40 mins and finally went on our way home.. Saw another movie, called "Frankenfish". Quite scary, it's about genetically breed fish, that escaped and killed ppl near the river..haiz.. I was trying to see whether there are any graveyards on the route cos Ah gal Karen said she saw it the last time... Maybe I'm on different route ba, cos only saw vegetable plots and lots of bulls and cows.. Or maybe she's shuai.. haha.. Got home at 8 plus.. wahaha..

Oh yeah, forgot to mention in last post that i finally watched Ms Congeniality 1. It was shown on Ch 5 on Sunday. My brother helped me recorded cos I was working, and I watched it on Monday... Completely fallen in love with the song used in the beauty pageant, "One in a million", by Bosson. I asked my brother to help me dl but he thought we had it in a cd already.. Ended up is different one with same name by The Platters.. haha.. I got the wma version le after searching online.. currently doing a new template for bloggie and going to use it for the music.. haha.. Went to Joycelyn's site and saw the cute pics took during ktv.. haha.. need to wait for a good time then go save them..Ok ok, tired le.. i need SLEEP~~


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