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Sunday, April 24, 2005

If You Were a Jellybean, What Flavor Would You Be?

Saw this at Michelle's blog, think i got the same as Kit Yee.. hahaha

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Peach-Quiet and reserved, you like to keep to
yourself most of the time. Not because you're
shy, but because you like the quietness of an
empty home. You really aren't shy at all. You
don't mind having the attention on you. You may
even be in the school musicals or local plays.
You don't thrive for the attention as many of
your peers do. The attention you receive is
natural. You enjoy reading and you like a
mental challenge every-now-and-again. Perhaps
the most admirable thing about you is that you
don't go around telling everyone your problems
in hopes of getting some kind of attention. If
someone finds out, it's because they most
likely did some snooping, sensing that
something was wrong. You know it's not healthy
to keep everything locked up inside, though.
You probably just write it down in a diary or
something. That's totally healthy. You are very
mature, an "old soul" to some. That's
awesome. Don't ever change.

If You Were a Jellybean, What Flavor Would You Be? (Intended for girls)
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