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Monday, April 11, 2005

Internet down~~

Finally can go online...Brother was telling that i will have problems connecting to Internet and it really happens last nite.. Just to update what happen to me recently.. Nothing much cos i had been working and working everything since i came back from Genting.. Only get to rest more when working on tuesday and friday cos the tuition is from 5pm... Quite tired cos now my period came and with it, came my usual flu and cough... Weird, it seem to have the "chen ni bing, yao ni ming" attitude.. Every time come, i will be sick one.. Mom asked me to see Chinese doctor to cure it but i'm not sure which one to go to.. haiz..

Currently, i'm also facing some problems at work. Hopefully can settle soon.. Think i better go to Temple of tiger god to pray again and "da xiao ren" more.. maybe i wasnt paying attention the last time so not so effective.. Now my block is renovating and the painting of walls is finished last month le.. this month is like changing wires.. My floor got the wires changed last Friday.. The electricity had to be switched off... So hot, plus no TV to watch and no computer to play.. Very ke lian.. I can only read books cos also too noisy to sleep.... Lucky now is other floors changing the wires.. only the noise affected me cos got the "knock knock knock" all the time.. Ok, time to go work..


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