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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Oh Dear + Friend review~~

Cant believe i actually changed my template again, after just using the previous one for 1 DAY!! hahaha.. no choice.. me fickle minded... Anyway, the current template is like quite popular.. got downloaded a few thousand times le.. can only say the other ppl had good taste like ME!! wahaha.. i so bu yao lian.. haha.. but think me more suited to use anime, liked it more anyway.. dont u think the boy boy look so cute, like JJ Lin Junjie... haha.. my weird imagination again...Manage to watch "my girl" this morn cos i was too tired last nite.. ahhh.. the boy boy and gal gal also remind me of the two main characters in the movie.. so cute...

Was lazing around the whole day, then went to Popular at 8.30pm to pass Chee Seng and Esther the vcds, and also got back my Harry Potter 3 dvd (my precious baby) from Chee Seng.. Esther also pass me a gift from Huixin, who was back from HongKong...think it is a book clip..Then went to change money.. now i got 2200 TWD on my own, which is roughly S$119.. haiz.. no money le..

Jane suddenly msg me asking whether i am back in singapore.. and i was a bit angry cos i told i am departing on 25th ah.. then she asked me about Huizhen, making me more angry cos i was not in touch with her (should say she didnt contact me while i had msg her or try calling her).. then i give Jane her hp number and then went online to change my template.. Think i finally got the mood (listening to "one in a million", song in Ms Congeniality) to do a review on my friendships with the numerous friends i got since pri sch to poly... my feelings about friends...

Review on Friendships
Think the friendships i really miss are the ones in primary school( aka elementary school).. it is the best as kids are pretty innocent...we show our dislikes clearly and our feelings are really clearcut.. i dont like u so we are not friends..etc etc.. Really misses my friends who i had fun with.. only in contact with Gary, Jiehuai and Weixiang through sms now.. haiz...

Then came adolescence, where everything grew complicated... we started had feelings.. guys like gals and gals like guys, or guys want to be only friends with gals while gals want more than that, resulting in broken hearts, crushes.. Friends turn to foes over guys (like me and Yuefen), while foes turn to friends (like me and Huizhen).. Think i seriously only had 2 close gal friends then, Jane and Huizhen.. Now i like have none.. Most of the guys are still a bit buddy with me but not close anyway..

Then came JC.. where i can only felt like a failure.. bad results, classmates who cant stand me being so "direct".. ended like only got Julia, Jiahao and Zhonghan being my friends.. but they are friends who dont understand ME.. Think i also dont want ppl to understand me.. wahaha..

Then came poly... being one of the oldest in the class, so didnt mix with the others much cos was too busy making myself busy with all sort of things.. of course, i ended up alone for the first few semesters.. then last 2 semesters finally sticked more with my classmates who were in the same class throughout my 3 years... which i probably shouldnt be doing since we will probably spilt soon...
Conclusion: Better to stick your feelings on inanimate stuff (like my dear hippo soft toy). At least they wont hurt u.. And enjoy ur childhood days, they are the best!! That's all, i think~~


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