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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Outing after the exam + Review~~

Thursday was my LAST of school, after the last exam paper, IM.. Quite sad.. went to film a short feature, which was said to be used for graduation day.. dont think i want it to be seen by others.. anyway, the teacher said got a lot of ppl and i think i didn't say a lot so maybe wont be used ba.. :p After that, went to take pics with Karen, Doreen, Felicia, Cheng Ying, Joycelyn, Kit yee, Michelle, Jiahui, Aishah, Daphne and Esther by the fountain pool outside the LTC.. Haha.. very fun..

After that, Karen, Doreen, Cheng Ying, Joycelyn and ME went to Orchard to watch Ms Congeniality 2.. We went to Cineleisure first but discovered the theatre is not showing it there.. Haiz.. Decided to eat at KFC first cos we need the ENERGY to walk to Shaw House.. Unfortunately, after eating, it started to rain and while we were standing outside, deciding how to dash across to the other place with shelter, some people want to interview us for our comment on something ba.. the gals started to run away.. haha.. no lah, just walked around very fast and we ran across to the next building.. On the way to Shaw House, we had to use the path to the mrt station, which is through taka and wisma.. ended up shopping a bit at shops.. I bought a top for $29 at Ebase.. hahaha..

Anyway, we went down to buy tixs and we actually GET to watch it at Theatre 2.. the very big one at level 2.. hahaha.. I maloo myself by slipping when going up the steps.. cos too dark mah.. can see steps but cannot see my feet.. haha.. Excuses excuses.. I enjoyed the movie, though other ppl like Joycelyn and ms Koh(CRM tutor) said the first is funnier, but then since i never seen the first, i can't compare.. but the second one makes me laugh anyway.. help me to destress...

After the movie, got some small incident that had us laughing.. cos Joycelyn's contact is paining her eye so need to wash.. then i thought level 2 got toilet cos got the toilet sign.. Joycelyn happily rushed back up the escalator even though she had taken one step down already.. haahaa.. ended up is a toilet for handicapped and is locked so we all went down to the first level.. the funny thing is Cheng Ying who had already gone down, came up to join us, only to see us on the down escalator already.. haha.. we laughed and laughed... Poor Cheng Ying, wo hai le ni!!

Then we went to Lucky Plaza to walk here and there.. at first, Joycelyn want to cut hair and trim eyebrows. But after knowing everyone is tired and wont wait for her, she gave up on the idea of doing it on thurs.. SO SORRY, JOYCELYN.. just everyone is too tired and had not has any good nite sleep recently la.. I really slept early at nine plus, but ended up waking very early at 6 plus on April's Fool day.. so i create a msg and sent to other ppl to fool them.. haha.. what to do, i am such a little devil.. then went to work and collect money for tuition.. only 60 plus cos i worked very little last mth.. scold a boy boy today.. haiz.. got parents watching, hope they dont complain..feel so tired and still need to work at Popular tomorrow.. haiz.. need the money ah..

Ok, here the review of my nyp life....
I was quite the "quiet" and unsociable gal in school cos i felt odd.. I considered it a loss of face, having to come to poly after jc and that i cannot go uni due to my poor grades... Slowly, i discover i was not the only ex-jc student there.. some of my pjc friends are in fact in nyp too, but majoring in nursing.. and i also had a classmate, called Joycelyn though her grades should be able to let her study in NTU engineering as those last resort thingy, but she never applied and dont want to study engineering.. Anyway, didnt join any clique then as there isnt time.. i join tons of ccas in yr 1, hoping to know more ppl (like val ng and rayyan, etc etc)..and blend in.. but in the end, i dont even have time to study.. but still managed to pass...

I worked harder in yr 1 sem 2 for my studies, starting to neglect my cca, as i cant find anything meaningful in them..well, except for the friends i know.. The thing is my results that sem is the best and one that i am most proud of.. That time, i was holding onto 2 jobs, at Popular and at the school free access lab, where i used the time to do my work..

After that is tep, where i learn to use software like flash and dreamweaver in eldc and km and learn to slack.. i believe tep is really a good thing but the staff who managed the place just cannot make it.. i was quite hardworking in the first two centres but ended up slacking in the last one, ED cos there really is nothing to do.. I am sad to say that i had learn nothing at that stopover.. The best thing is knowing ppl like Lychee, Huichen, William, Wai Yew, etc.. and having good supervisors like Mr Lee, Mr Fuan and Mr Yuen..that's the lucky thing man.. Oh yeah, another memorable at that sem is that i get to go Sabah to climb Mt K and know ppl from nyp and other poly, ppl like James, Michelle Poon, Shaopin, Alvin, Sharon, etc etc.. (cannot write anyone lah.. haha.. u know who u are) But i had to use my whole one week break to go.. haiz.. fall sick immediately when i came back and need to take mc..

My results slipped so much after tep (told u the attachment makes ppl like me want to slack le, if only it was in yr 3.. haiz..). Though i got Ah gong aka THE GOD's help in projects (was able to fully exploit him then cos always in the same group.. haha.. miss those days when i no need to worry about projects at all.. but i got do my work hor.. and not really making use of ah gong since he IS helping himself, it's his grade too..), my exam and tests' results cannot make it and drag the grade down..haha.. too bad.. Had to do IPP that holiday too.. drive me mad.. though got money so happy... but i basically doing nothing much except screen resumes over and over.. no wonder i am so sick of HR now.. haha.. but seriously, i got C for all HR modules.. very rare.. think i choose wrongly, that's why no mood to study too..

Yr 3 sem 1 is nightmare.. some projects had to fend for myself.. most memorable is HRD.. got training plan and had interview with teacher and had project with an online student who went to Woodbridge before.. He's quite normal when u talked to him but if u dont, he will start talking to his "dead" friend.. haiz.. imagine ppl is top A student at top JC before.. cannot imagine now become like this.. another project with Ah gong which is memorable, cos we chosen aerospace industry in China for IB .. Damn hard to look for materials.. Reen reen, meaning Doreen and I had to sit in ibrc to search and search.. go home still search and search.. last resort, go library to search past newspaper.. very tired and all thanks to ah gong's choice..

Last sem is very short, only 12 weeks and no 1 week holidays plus start sch after Christmas day.. super sianz... got more closer to my "family", audrey, doreen and karen.. also felicia,who is audrey's sis and of cos Joycelyn, yr 1 gang, and last is Cheng Ying, who i think is due to felicia ba.. she always bullied by joyce and felicia.. the two bad gals.. hee.. Got to work with ah gals in projects finally... though poor felicia always need to join couple gang, but she benefit mah.. so no complaint hor..Then now everything just suddenly ended.. haiz..

As Ah gals Doreen and Karen had said they are going through identity crisis or more specifically identity confusion (erikson's theory for adolescence) since they are not sure what to do now.. i am in even worse condition.. identity confusion PLUS isolation. hAhA.. I am so bored and tired.. if i have the courage and dont believe in after-life and are not afraid of pain, i will have commit suicide.. cos the modern world is not a place to want to live in.. so full of greed.. even charity shows need to use prizes to attract ppl to donate... isn't that greed?

Seeing audrey finding her true love makes me so envious of her.. but then i dont trust ppl, guys in particular.. hard to see it but though i am friendly, i keep my distance doing that.. like the American way ba (remember my notes got read cannot go touch Americans cos they wont like it) I really need ppl to accompany but sianz of finding that someone.. how come that person dont come and find me instead.. haha think going into isolation very fast... Need to find a job soon.. but before that need to go tour.. i need to relax.. my cd-rama supervisor want to borrow cds from me again.. sianz.. it's like she got more pay than me loh, plus got a caring bf.. how come she cannot buy herself.. those cds i lent her last yr still with her loh.. and the thing is she still dare to badmouth me behind my back the last time and then act innocent.. I really want to quit the job at Popular.. the aunties there are so kaypo and gossips.. the last time i saw two of them on my way to do the tuition job at sembawang, i told them i'm going sembawang to work and the two aunties told my manager i am working at sembawang music.. lucky my manager asked me about it to clear up the misunderstanding.. they want to kill me, just take a knife, faster than words loh.. Oh my god, how to survive in this cruel society.. everyone is false... even online friends also.. (sorry Chris), but that's life... everyone is hiding and i am TIRED of hiding.. i still remember my jc friends being shocked by my bizzare questions of their san wei in JC 1 and then they just drifted away.. i mean one day their bf will ask right so what's wrong with a gal asking them.. I also very blur, dont know they drift away becoz of this until a chat in JC2, where they finally told me.. I still felt hurt now...the society's thinking nowadays is so complex.. it's no wonder most of my good friends are guys cos u can talk cock with them till they regard u as guy and just dont care le.. i like that.. it's more natural.. ok ok.. dont know what come over me today.. the stress just build up and need to explode.. Oh yeah, and i never want to be naive again.. cos that's only makes me a easy prey for pervents and creeps.. Maybe should go learn marital arts.. anyone who still want to show me their "xiao di di" can jolly well get it kicked by me.. HMPH!!!


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