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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Forgot to switch my hp to silent and thus got woken up by the sms informing of my results at 3.20am... not sure why the system send so early, thought that they are sending at 6am... but i am very satisified with the results.. wahaha.. A and B only.. haha.. but i cant really remember the module codes except for HB, which is Bm404 and which i got A.. hahaha.... Ok ok, i will update my results again later cos the school system still under daily maintainence till 4am... very happy.. think i not only managed to maintain my gpa but also increase it.. wahaha.. wonder what Karen, Doreen, Joycelyn, ah gong, Audrey, Malcolm and the rest of the class get for the modules.. haha.. no choice, me curious mah.. I go disturb my bro's sleep and tell him good news.. wahaha


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