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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Just realise that my exam results are under the pending table.. wahaha.. my gpa only increased by 0.06.. haiz.. nevermind, at least got increased.. Karen asked me whether i want to go to Malaysia in May/June and i said ok.. She said she need to see whether there is vacancy at the Resort... Finally settled my friend's case with the ez link card.. next time i am not going to do such stupid things le... Went shopping at Orchard and spent some money at Kinokuniya.. wahaha.. Bought very interesting books.. haha...Then ate at yoshinoya, ate beef with vegetables.. haha.. Then went to Kumon to work.. today marked 12 students' work.. Very upset with Auntie Jessie today.. cos i already told her the dates i can work for April and she didn't really look and assume that i can work on all tuesday and friday.. When i told her i cant work cos i'm not in Singapore, she said i should have told her earlier.. the thing is i did told her earlier loh, then i never check her schedule last week so never see.. really sianz.. was planning to quit anyway so told her i will work till 13 may.. anyway, Xindi, her favourite employee is back so she should have no more worries already... Me go cook noodles le.. nitey~~


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