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Friday, April 15, 2005

The Rose Rocks + Buying Spree~~

Finally woke up early today at 7.30am to watch "The Rose" behind the scenes production.. SO FUNNY~~ wahaha.. Really enjoyed the 20 to 30 plus mins production.. After that, went to work at Popular.. My colleague, Esther, got a sore throat yesterday and ended up literally having "NO VOICE" today.. so poor thing.. Then i bought a dry tech jacket for $19 at the giodano sale today, quite worth it cos original price was $43...wanted to buy some pants but the size is either too big or small.. so jialat.. think i rather spend more and buy from the store.. haha.. Today also need to work at Kumon, so left Popular at around 4pm... Today didn't do much wrong thing at Kumon ^_^ But only managed to mark around 8 pupils, quite little loh... Ok ok, just finished my usual late nite dinner by buying Mac meal.. haha... Hmph.. think must start preparing for my trip.. Just got to know that my friend is also going to Taiwan.. Only thing is he is going there to suffer.. haha.. NS field trip loh.. haha.. For 3 weeks somemore.. He's setting off this weekend.. That's all for now..


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