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Monday, April 18, 2005

Shoplifting IS A CRIME~~

Damn it.. today got two gals stole two albums from our store.. cos that time, my supervisor and i are busy changing the display and doing the new stocks, thus didnt really notice the two gals loitering around.. and they used the short 10 mins to commit the crime and left.. Only discovered the torn plastic later.. one of the gals even tried to stop me from moving to that area earlier so that i wont discover that they had stole the albums.. i must prepare myself for such cases leh.. One of the gals was even wearing school uniform loh, looked like Bt Batok Sec one, cos is light yellow shirt and grey skirt.. the two gals really cannot make it loh... they like the albums, should use their money to buy loh.. really spoil my mood loh...

Just went to Jieyi(Kit yee)'s blog.. she is using JJ's new song, "Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou" as background music. Super nice.. i bought the album le but no time to listen.. haha.. Tomorrow my sem result will be out.. haiz.. think no need to sleep tonite le.. haha.. Today bought a very cute bread from BreadTalk to eat. It is in the shape of Jack Jack from The Incredibles... called JJ Baby.. It filled with chocolate.. haahaa.. my favourite.. Ok, time to eat my dinner... got chicken wings, my favourite.. wahaha


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