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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Today so blur.. went to work early cos i thought it is my turn to throw rubbish.. ended up is tomorrow.. haiz.. helped Margaret in throwing cos she is not as strong.. ppl already 60 plus wor and still working... not that she needed to support herself but more to pass time.. haha.. Just throw rubbish and i started to sweat a lot.. made me so smelly.. haiz.. hate that smell... Saw Ivan again.. haha... starting to have no feelings le but still admire him for his business mind... haiz.. i am so fickle minded but i really want to find someone cos i am quite lonely sometimes... Mom just told me she won 4D by betting on the hotel room no. we stayed in in Genting.. haha.. only won one hundred cos my family's luck all is can only bet small small then can win type.. So happy mom won cos dad is still at home and we all hate it..Chengying told me she is tired cos she went to see energy at Bishan today.. haha.. can only say serve her right.. chase idols of cos will be tired lah.. she is still going tomorrow.. OMG, she is really a big fan.. but ok lah, if 5566 or SHE come Singapore and i am free on that day, i will also go and chase.. haha..Haiz.. tomorrow still have to go work early.. so sianz...


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