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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ubin... Hmphz~~

YEA~~ Internet connection back to normal and i can be online in a flash now.. hahaha.. Today meet Karen, Qinz and Qinz's friend(sorry i forgot to ask the name) to go Ubin to cycle... Managed to wake up at 5.10am.. wow.. long time never wake up so early le.. think the last time was when i was training and need to wake up for morning run.. cos i love to run in the silent street.. haha.. Drink coffee on empty stomach again, which is bad for my very weak stomach..Then eat instant noodles to satisfy hunger and gain energy for the cycling.

Took mrt to Tampines and bought a coffee bun to eat later.. Then took bus 29 all the way to Changi Village, which is a good 40 mins' worth of sleep.. haha.. too tired.. Surprisingly, i woke up just when the bus is going to reach.. haha.. what luck (actually cos the sun is shining in my face lah so very hard to sleep le).. Reach very early at 8.40am.. i'm the earliest.. haiz.. Karen only arrived at 9.15am and we two went to buy some snacks for later.. then Karen wanted to eat shui gui so we order 6 pieces.. me 2.5 pieces and 3.5 pieces for her... haha.. Qinz and her friend finally came at 9.45am.. Then the four of us went to the new bulit Changi Jetty Pt to take boat to Ubin.. Wow, the Jetty pt very nice wor.. got arrival and departure halls somemore.. Got boat to go Johor too.. haha.. we had to wait for 15mins before there are 12 ppl in the boat.. Went Ubin and started to rent bikes and then cycled around for a while.. Then Qinz wanted to go Chek Jawa, which i had been to before on photography outing. We got a little lost and when we finally found the way, Karen and I had to go back le cos i got work and she needed to go celebrate her godmother's and friend's birthdays.. I really sweat alot.. wet from below neck all the way to my bum.. haha.. need to tie my sweater around my waist to hide the fact that my pants is wet.. Haiz.. my ability to sweat so much is the main reason why i'm still of acceptable weight since i eat so much fast food and chocolates.. whahaha.. Maybe need to wake up early to go running soon.. me getting fat.. haiz

Waited for 25 mins before we are able to go backcos quite early for other ppl to go back so early.. Saw a patrol boat coming and Karen was saying that she wished we can go for free ride on it so no need to wait any longer.. haha.. Anyway, we two started eating the snacks we bought.. my coffee bun is smashed but still nice.. a very similar duplicate to the Papa roti Jane bought for me.. haha.. Karen and i were saying that we want to go back Ubin one day when we both no need to rush off to see Chek Jawa..Probably weekend so got more ppl and no need to wait so long for the transport. When we two finally got back to Singapore grounds, we went for a drink first. Karen had coconut juice while i had sugar cane juice.. Suddenly saw the stall beside the drink stall is a stall selling fish porridge and stuff.. reminded me that my CRM lec told us once that he saw an uncle killing ants with his bare hands and then never washed hands and immediately go made sugar cane juice... and the stall is next to a fish stall..Yikes.. really scared i so unlucky but then i consoled myself that the uncle is too busy to kill ants lah.. so i still drank 3/4 of the juice.. haha

Took a cab home and managed to catch some sleep during the journey.. Spent $19 on cab fare, equals to today's salary le.. haiz.. After a bath, i still got 2 hrs to waste around so i went online and read ppl's blogs.. Saw Karen's pics on Joycelyn's blog.. Joycelyn purposely wanted to bully Karen, her new past time. Lee Hui starting to blog again..wahaha..Happened to go to camy's blog, which used to be private but the password got cracked by Hui Ping.. private cos she mentioned in her post that she dont trust ppl easily.. Hmm.. to me, if u dont trust ppl, then u must be prepared that they wont trust u either.. Anyway, Camy is really a very smart gal and totally into ballet.. Makes me want to go learn dancing also but more to hip hop and social dancing types..

Speaking of the trust thingy, suddenly made me wants to do a review on my friends.. maybe will do that for next post..haha.. suspension so ppl will keep reading my boring posts.. Managed to drink 500ml of water today which is rare le.. Oh yeah, i bought the behind the scenes production for "The Rose" in Genting, Malaysia.. not available in Singapore wor.. Thought i can only buy it when i go Taiwan.. haha.. anyway spent RM 15 on it.. Havent watch it cos no time.. Hope it is not spoilt cos i wont be able to go Genting to exchange.. should have test it first... haha

Went Kumon to work today.. so tiring.. Manage to mark 15 pupils today, 2 absent ones.. Made a mistake today.. cos i was trying to finish marking 4 pupils who are all almost ready to go, resulting in me not really checking the grade they are at.. and one of them happened to be doing the wrong grade, 2A instead of 3A.. Auntie Jessie discovered later when the student is gone.. Hopefully, the parents dont scold..haix..

Karen asking me to organise class chalet.. Think should let Joycelyn do it and i manage money for a change.. really dont like to organise and make decisions.. Think i cannot be in management roles.. Actually really into websites made with flash.. like the House of Fury (http://houseoffury.jce.com.hk/).. Really interested to go in the lines of art.. designing websites is considered an art to me.. Maybe i should go study in this line.. haiz..

Anyway, me just finish my dinner aka supper which instant noodles again but this time i got add in vegetables.. haha.. I really like the brand i ate cos i only ate one type.. Myojo "Xiang Mian".. really very fragrant.. Me really is a perosn who stick to the same stuff all the time.. u see me go where to eat, always eat the same stuff, like Chicken Sandwich Meal in BK, Fish Burger Set in Mos burger, etc etc.. Me too lazy and dont want to take risk (another reason to proved me to be bad management).. but then how for some thing, i also tire very fast.. I am such a contradicting person..

Oh yeah, bought lot of chinese novels on Sunday but no time to read.. haiz.. Bought some vcds and Lin Jun Jie's latest album yesterday.. haha.. got his poster.. i super like his new songs also.. All his songs are nice.. I hereby formally acknowledge him as one of of my idol for the individual category.. Group category got SHE and 5566.. haha.. ok.. now tv showing recast of Super Sunday.. think i go enjoy it.. Haiz.. drink some cold water and now there is a pain in my stomach.. Someone saves me.. I dont want to be gal le.. ok ok.. enough crap.. nitey~~


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