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Monday, April 18, 2005

Which type of Supreme PIZZA are U?

Once again went to Christine's bloggie and found this and proceed to do the quiz.. haha.. no choice, who asked her to have so many interesting quizzes to do.. haha.. of cos i must go do and see if i'm the same as her, my christine dear dear.. haha.. I am a Super Hawaiian Supreme Pizza.. my favorite (actually i only eat this flavour..wahaha) Pizza flavour..

You are a Super Hawaiian Supreme Pizza!
Life is about the sun, the beaches, the breeze and lots of fun! Relaxed and laid-back, you lead a carefree lifestyle where problems are never too big to make you frown. Your warm and friendly disposition makes you a very approachable person. Share this pizza with your friends and spread the sunny joy!

Which type of Supreme Pizza are you?
Brought to you by Pizza Hut


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