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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Are you lonely? Find a dog..

After reading what my friend, Ronald, had written in his post about older woman and younger men, I was pretty pissed off at what he said about Paula Abdul... So i left a "hot" comment:

"Hey.. i dont agree with ur comment on Paula.. Come on, cant a woman get some companionship to chase away loneliness.. Ya, maybe she shouldn't mix it with work.. but let me tell u YOU dont understand it cos YOU are a man.. u dont know what we women are feeling.. sorry for sounding rude, but i just want to get my pt across.. "

To which he replied:

"Jaschocolate.. i might not understand woman but maybe u r right.. she might need companionship.. But she DID chose the WRONG guy.. "

Thankfully, he was cool with what i said and thus our friendship still exists.. Yeah, this i had to agree.. she had chosen the wrong guy.. but she was not wrong to seek company... Frankly, all of us want someone to company us...Especially women like Paula, who is divorced, with kids and had more stress than others...I will bet she need more love and concern.. Just that she met the wrong guy...

I dont intend for this post to bitch about men, but really, men in general suck.. Men dont understand us women... No, not even using this as a guide works because it does not apply to all of us.. Most of us just want you to talk to us.. get it.. T..A..L..K.., "talk".. really talk and not keep it inside you.. Of course that apply to women too..

We want you to be there for us in times where we know we will also be there for you.. You men only said that "women's hearts are like the needles in the sea, hard to understand", but i will said that it is men's hearts who are the stones in the sea, making us drowned when we want so much to catch it...

With that in mind, my advice to all the women out there... "If you are lonely, find a dog.. at least it stays with you"..

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