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Monday, May 16, 2005

The Bloggolo Syndrome~~

Just saw this from Tomorrow.. think i am getting the Bloggolo Syndrome (click the link for the symptoms) and moving to be a blogaholic..Oh my god.. how did this happen.. still remember me suaning Joycelyn on being obsessed over blogging and here i am, blogging even more frequently than her nowaday.. People, this tells u never to suan others as u may be suan for the same thing soon.. unless u are 100% that it wont happen lah.. then u can go ahead to suan.. wahaha..

Now, it is 5 am.. I cant believe i actually wake up after just 5 hours of sleep.. i cant sleep well.. there is like so many things to do.. Am i stressing myself out more than i should..? after all, i am only taking a part time job.. my money will not increase for doing more things.. things that are. in fact, beyond my job.. i dont know.. just feel that i want to try it out, taking in more responsibilities during my supervisor's absence.. But i seriously think she will want to kill me when she comes back (if she even comes back.. and i think i will quit then..wahaha).. i am really ordering a lot of old stocks... Mmm... i guess i really love music too much.. if there any vacancy in HMV? i will love to work there.. wahaha


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