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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bored + Meet Joycelyn + Last day at Kumon~~

Went to West mall popular to return the POs.. finally finished recording them in the morning.. i actually fell asleep last night in the midst of these papers.. what a nightmare.. Gave out the remaining gifts to the other staff who were not working yesterday.. Only Esther, Hueyling and Peihwa got 3 items instead of 1, cos i like them the most..wahaha.. not happy then sue me loh.. Forgot to bring hp out again.. 3 days in a row already.. think i am losing my mind.. my poor cute brains are getting overworked.. Better start eating the royal jelly honey mom bought in Taiwan.. heard it boosts the brain's functions.. wahaha.. think it is exp though so better eat it in small small portions.. haha

Went to meet Joycelyn in Yishun and return her her camera.. haha.. bought her lots of stuff to thank her and to say sorry for spoiling her digi camera..bah.. kidding lah..still in good condition wor.. me WAS in photography club hor.. anyway, really give her a lot of things.. got strawberry wine jelly(meaning jelly made from strawberry wine loh.. nice nice.. red wine jelly not as nice but my mom like.. in the end, she agreed to buy only strawberry wine jelly.. I WON!!! WAHAHA.. anyway, i'm the one carrying it back mah..), some muan shu of various flavours.. (think peanuts flavour taste the best!), samll chocolate balls with wine smell in the middle (Best to suck it till dry.. wahaha.. like very RA hor.. what with the sucking, u may ask.. i dont know and dont care..haha)..

Enough of food.. i also bought her a hp accessory in the shape of two fishes (cos she always draw fish, snails, etc on her lec.. never pay attention in class.. so unlike me.. me MODEL STUDENT, k? Always nods my head in agreement to what lecturer said.. hahaha.. okok lah.. me sleeping in lec lah.. but i always managed to copy the impt parts.. the SEX parts.. bah.. crap again), a small monkey figure (for her and Doreen, the two monkeys.. oh yeah.. both of us happened to wear monkey t-shirts today.. what a coincidence.. mine was bought in Taiwan..), Fish Leong's concert vcd (know she want it but then want to save money for HK trip.. so just thought of buying it for her.. at least got her something she really liked.. haha..but i bought in Singapore lah.. Bought at my workplace, CD RAMA.. where else.. must support support mah.. so all pls come West Mall Cd-Rama to buy from me.. THANK U THANK U!!! hahaha)... think that's all.. also return her her book and lend her my vcds.. haha..

We went to chat chat at Starbucks.. wow.. not sure how long since i stepped into Starbucks.. was going to Coffeebean lately.. (Actually both are of no difference to me.. all that matter are the drinks and food and my money). Drank Rhumba light instead of my usual hot cocoa...(suddenly remember that the American GM of my attachment company, Kimberly-Clark introducing the milo at the drink machine as hot cocoa.. haha).. interesting taste.. bah.. think i will stick to chocolate next time... Also ate an espresso walnut brownie.. cant stand the coffee beans.. only Joycelyn like it.. actually only got two beans on the top as decoration.. not really a lot.. dont like it still.. Joycelyn told me that Karen went to China.. Hmph, that gal is so bad.. never even tell me.. no need to give her any food to eat already... Walked around Popular (loved shopping at bookstores.. but my friends think i am mad, cos i AM working at the bookstore already but still keep going there.. ok lah.. if every shopping mall got Borders or Kinokuniya, then i promise i wont go Popular when i am not working..wahaha...) I bought 2 cross stitch.. hope i actually will get started on stitching it before they become something for me to worship (meaning displays..haha)..

Went to work at Kumon and Auntie Jessie informed me that she had sufficient manpower so she will let me go early and that today is my last day.. wahaha.. so saaaddd.. why she inform so late.. if not i can buy sweets for the kids.. my last day and wont see them anymore.. Started to miss them already, got the pretty Wanxuan, noisy Benjamin Soh, troublesome Charmaine, chatty Jingwen(didnt get to teach her today though.. so sad.. miss her chatter), the naughty brothers Junjie and Junchen.. Although i hate the job but i love the kids(well.. most of them anyway.. some old ones i cant be bothered with them).. Maybe i should give birth to a cute kid.. but then i am scared of pain.. Adoption seem more painless.. Got my last pay..total of $136.30.. quite little.. equitable to 23 and a half of McWings meal only.. hahaha.. so i will probably spend it in about a week's time.. haha.. anyway, i gave Denise a bookmark.. also gave Auntie Jessie and Uncle Denise one each.. haha see i so generous.. :p

After that, went to Sembawang NTUC to refund the swimming caps i bought last last week.. lucky i got take back the receipt from the dustbin.. crumpled though.. anyway, i actually got a cash refund.. so rare.. i thought i need to choose something as an exchange.. Always bought 2 small glass jars to use to contain the royal jelly honey (cos need to put it in freezer.. so must pour some into small jars and put in the fridge part for easy consumption)...

Was feeling bored so went to Joycelyn's friend, Angeline's blog, then also went to one of her links, Xiaxue's blog.. think she is a celebrity or something.. if u notice that i am more bitchy today than usual.. it is because i discovered that if being bitchy can make ppl read my blogs, then i will be bitchy in my writing on everything from work to sex.. wahaha.. but seriously, i can relate to some of her stuff, like the ones on her friend liking the guy she likes.. something similar happen to me before in the form of L and F as well, except my friend is pretty good as she did not like the guy back.. haha.. think he is not her taste anyway.. anyway, she is an air stewardess now, flying around.. hope she is happy.. bah.. our friendship is almost over too..

Think Xiaxue or Wendy (real name) is also not happy, being jealous of her more beautiful friends.. Actually she is quite beautiful too, at least better than me (i am not vain to think i am better looking than her.. i know how much i am worth..wahaha).. it goes to show all ppl are feeling inferior or are jealous of something, no matter how good-looking they are.. the ugly ones are jealous of the pretty ones for the looks, the pretty ones get jealous of the beautiful ones for their popularity and the beautiful ones are jealous of the ugly ones for their talents, abilities, etc.. Wonder which range am i in? Think neither... i am in the UNIQUE range.. bah.. full of shit again.. Actually the only time i actually are jealous of other ppl are when they had what i dont have, namely, money, men, clothes, looks, body, etc.. ( i am so unsatisfied.. hmph..) No choice.. i AM feeling inferior ah.. Think human beings are never satisfied.. haiz.. bah.. humans are crap..Anyway, i had put a link to Xiaxue's blog in Misc, for ppl who are interested.. Think i will call it a night.. today's blog is quite long so i think i better typed my Taiwan trip on another day.. To Chris, if u are reading.. pls wait a while longer for the details on the trip.. u must know that the short delay only makes the reading more enjoyable.. haha.. time to go upload the photos on the trip as well.. tata~~


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