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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Just finished playin this Garfield game.. soooo tiring i play till i think i am very mad and stupid...me stupidly went to volunteer to work tomorrow even though i was supposed to be off.. who ask me to spend so much.. now eyeing another few items at the pushcarts at West Mall.. got skirts, hp accessories, pendants.. all so cute but.. *my wallet got less than $100 left*.. and that is supposed to last for like 15 days before my next pay day..

i seriously should consider finding a job.. i saw one in saturday paper.. a post in Cambodia or China cos the company is setting up firm there.. got HR executive/manager and Admin executive/manager.. what i want to know is whether the executive/ manager is considered only one post? the advertisement is so misleading.. haiz... so confusing.. wont mind going out of S'pore for a while.. make that a long long while.. but i prefer to be in ang moh countries leh.. dont know why when my english sucks like hell... but ang mohs are not as kiasu and demanding as Chinese ba.. they are demanding but not like the Chinese... I serve them till i so sianz..

Youngsters still not too bad. but those customers who are OBVIOUSLY aunties already still like so proud.. noses in the air types... annoying ppl... but then there are also some very friendly and cheerful aunties.. hahaha.. there are good and bad ppl, just like there are pros and cons in matters.. haiz.. better go to bed now.. still have tons of stocks to do tomorrow.. tomorrow nite or should i say tonite then i will complain about my supervisor.. haha.. Suddenly realised that i havent even update on my Taiwan trip.. wahaha.. ok.. i will do a little bit tonite too.. since i am not working on wed.. can blog longer..wahaha..tata~~


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