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Friday, May 06, 2005

Damn Period thingy~~

It is so raining cats and dogs outside now.. hmph.. wonder who came up with that phrase.. what have animals to do with rain? Anyway, my period came again.. actually came during last few days of taiwan trip.. so disgusting, with the brown stuff.. whoops.. sorry if u are eating.. Anyway, just want to know is it normal to have a period every 2 weeks or is it just ME!!! The thing is i can recognise the normal period days cos the blood is RED.. but then i will have brown brown stuff coming out in the next coming 2 weeks. De-toxifying? Then pls take away the red blood period so i wont lose too much blood and deem me to be "normal", pls... My money is all going to my sanitary pads already.. okok.. money went to cds, books, etc.. and i just spent $200 plus.. wahaha.. Haiz.. stupid gal.. waste so much money, how to go for trips in the future....

Anyway, resting today at home, going to snuggle in bed with a few books.. wahaha.. think that is the reason why i dont find a job yet.. will miss this carefree days.. wahaha.. Oh ya, finally got back my cds from MR YEO ZIPING... (Uncle dear, if u happen to read this.. thanks for finally returning them after a year.. but still think there is more.. hmph.. and for those who dont know why i call him uncle when he is the same year as me.. it is to tease for looking so chao lao.. haha)

Actually, i am pretty tired of lending things to ppl, especially cds and vcds.. cos they are very easily scratched if u dont take good care of them.. Dont see me looking nonchalant like i dont care... I CARE A LOT!!! After all, i use my hard earned money (okok.. my brother's money too.. but i have suffer from his nagging to use it.. so considered hard earned too) to buy them.. of cos i will xin deng.. Especially since most of my stuff are new as i rarely listen or watch for more than once.. Imagine my horror, when it came back with scratches... haiz.. I mean if u borrow ppl's stuff, you should take good care of it, but i see a lot of ppl like dont know how to take care of stuff.. like Audrey, i lent her a cd and i know she like it a lot but the way she just put it anyhow tell me that it is probably scratched.. thus in the end, i gave it to her as i rather buy a new one.. the thing is i myself have not even listen to it loh... Haiz..

I mean i usually SCREAMED at myself for spoiling my stuff, sometimes my family too.. but then i cant do that to my friends.. because the humans nowadays are so superficial and zi da.. u cant hurt their pride cos it will only destroy the friendships... so i can only learn my lesson and stop lending things to friends who take care of my stuff...SO friends, if u notice me hesitating to lend u my things, u should know that my motive is good, that i just dont want to hurt our relationship..

Anyway, just finish watching Christy Zhong's show, where she went to Spain to learn the Flamingo Dance.. she is so cool and looks so hot.. god, i will loves to be like her, minus away the messy love life though.. Ok, time for some snuggling... will update more later..


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