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Friday, May 20, 2005

Damn the server~~

Something is wrong with my page... and my page only.. I went to other blogspot pages and they all looked fine.. Dont tell me Mandrake passed me his problem.. Errr.. but different servers, right? Since his is not blogspot and his page is back le.. Dont tell me cable kena again this time.. and different cable somemore..

Really not sure what is going on with blogspot.. Dont tell me it's going mad and decided to pick my page (shuai shuai) to KILL.. No idea.. hope it return to normal soon.. It's OK now.. wahaha.. and i hope it stay this way..

Anyway, Chris sent me this detective game to pass my time since i dont have the mood to blog.. Super super lame when u got to the end of the game.. Cant believe the ending.. Ok.. I'm off to bed early..


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