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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

FIRE.. Help~~

Ya ya.. i know i said the previous post may be my last post today and that i want to enjoy my last moments in peace but but.. unexpected thing happened.. so i want to share... The unexpected thing is that my mom almost burnt the altar down... again.

Yea, again.. the last thing it happen, it was in the middle of the night where all of us were sound asleep.. lucky nothing serious happened.. only the ceiling above the altar and part of the altar were darkened by the soot..

Now, we had changed a new altar.. and apparently today, my mom threw one of the used matchsticks, that is not completely extinguished, into a white plastic container and the container burnt up and the new altar is affected.. so ke lian.. think mom is fated with a burnt alter..

The burnt altar.. lucky is only one small part and is on the inside
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The burnt container cooling down in the sink...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Anyway, mom went to buy 4D now.. cos maybe can get something.. haha.. Today is such an eventful day.. First, burnt porridge, then the fire.. What else is going to happen?
I had baited from work today.. taking an MC.. not that i am faking, but really down with the flu.. just ate some panadol and feeling much better.. So scary just now, i was sneezing and sneezing.. like someone is cursing me.. haha..
Anyway, wont be seeing my supervisor for 2 days as i will only be working on thurs.. she sounded okay on the phone so maybe she is not too angry with me.. i dont know.. i only want to rest now.. at most i will type my last post on thurs.. haha.. nitey~~


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